Black or Red?

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Should I get Chain Pouchette in Black or Red?

  1. Black

  2. Red

  3. Neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ladies, I'm so in love with this season's CHAIN POUCHETTE. :love:
    Its shoulder strap is removable so it can also be used as a clutch; the strap is made of 3 thin chains (silver, pewter, copper).

    Any thoughts on this bag? Yay or Nay? Too funky looking?
    If YAY, please help me choose between Black & Red (described as brick red). TIA. =)

    (source: pictures taken by Alfredo - my SA at MJ store in Boston)


  2. red!!!
  3. Yay! I can tell you love it!:love:

    I prefer the red! It kind of reminds me the 80's! Totally rad, dude!
  4. I'm sorry Helena...I'm not sure I like this bag...I think I need to see it IRL...

    But if I were to pick a colour, I would say the classy! Or even that maroon-like colour that seems to be sitting beside the black. Not sure about the red though...seems a bit on the bright side?

    Sorry... :shrugs:

    But if you like it as much as you sound like you do, then you should definitely get it!!!!!!!
  5. I say red because it is a nice pop of color on a smaller bag & totally suits the asthetic of the this MJ line!
    It is the perfect size to pull of this color!
    Also, do you already have other black bags that you still use?

    Let us know what you choose!
  6. As a clutch, I think this bag is darling!! I vote for the red!
  7. I'm not loving it. All the chains are confusing me.

    But if I had to choose between the two, I like the red the best!
  8. Ohhh that's tough. I like black but I like red too! :smile: What color is beside the black on the table? It looks like a deep burgund? Or is that the red and it just looks different? I LOVE THAT COLOR! :smile:

    I love the different colors of the chains too! :smile:
  9. I haven't seen this bag in person, only Boston & Vegas stores received theirs. I am told that this Red is brick red, it's not bright like the pictures. The color next to Black is Brown.

    Please don't be sorry, thanks for replying. =)

  10. I think for this type of bag looks best in an eye catching color....Go for the red..It looks great on you! (I love when you takes pics of bags in the MJ store..I'm always looking in the background to see other stuff!!!) Let us know what you decide!! Go for it! :heart: Emmy
  11. I don't have any red bag, my Bordeaux Quilted Venetia was given to my sister. I don't have any evening bag in black. Am I making excuses for myself? LOL.

  12. I feel bad for wanting to spend so much $$ on a clutch. The nice thing about this pouchette is that I can use it with/without the shoulder strap. I was hoping to use this bag with slacks and pencil skirts, would it be too funky for that?

    I prefer dressy bags, would this bag fit the bill?
  13. I know what you mean. =) I have never been a fan of big chain, that's why I regret getting the Little Stam. The removable shoulder strap is made of 3 mini chains so it doesn't bother me as much.

    I'm getting nervous b/c Boston store received 5 Red Pouchettes. NY store requested for 3 Reds from them, 1 is sold, there's 1 left. Vegas store got 3 Red Pouchettes.

  14. The color next to Black is Brown, I'm told that it's Brown in real life. Red is described as brick red, I'm assured by my SA that it's not bright.

    I like the details of the little chains too. =)

  15. I say get what you're going to use the most. I love red, but more likely you'll use the black more.