Black or Red?


Red or Black?

  1. Black w/gold hardware

  2. Black w/palladium hardware

  3. Red (rouge VIF?) w/gold hardware

  4. Red (rouge VIF?) w/palladium hardware

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  1. Okay...if I am going to sell my soul, kidney, or whatever for a Birkin, what color do I get? My wardrobe consists, on the average day, of something along the lines of jeans and a t-shirt (summer) or jeans and a cashmere sweater (winter). I also have slacks, mostly shades of grey, one dark brown pair, and some black or pinstripe black. I wear a lot of neutral colors...cream, black, browns, I am not a big color person. But since I can only do ONE bag and then an excruciating wait, I have to get it right! Right now I am thinking black or a red shade, maybe rouge VIF...what does everyone recommend, and with what hardware?
  2. Wow, ET! Sounds like you have the same wardrobe I have!!!! heeheehee. Ok then.....

    First, what leather are you considering?
  3. Probably togo? The red is stunning the croc, but I can't afford that as a first bag...and eventually I want a blue jean ostrich or croc. What do you recommend? I need something that does not scratch easily, I think. I won't get to even SEE the inside of an Hermes (my sister went to the one in Vegas this past weekend...I asked if she saw any Birkins and she said "What's a Birkin?" Oh, the humanity!) until at least September, so I have a little time for these decisions and to learn more about the leathers from the experts here!
  4. since your wardrobe seems pretty neutral, i voted for red! it would be a nice pop of color with your wardrobe!

    i chose palladium hardware but i think gold would be fabulous as well.
  5. I have to vote for black togo or chevre (chevre is really hard to find though in a birkin) with PH! It is one of my most favorite birkin combos- so versatile and so classic. Togo and chevre are also so durable you can easily carry this bag everyday! In fact, you will never get tired of this bag! And if you want a dressier look, go for gold hardware.

    And congratulations on joining the "Sell my organs for a birkin club" I am a card - carrying member!:P
  6. I voted for red with palladium hw.

  7. :lol: :lol: Oh, aint THAT the truth! I'm about ready to spill blood for that Blue Jean Croc agenda on the LZ site! Someone buy that PLEEEEEZE............:Push:
  8. Oh wait....I didn't give my 2cents worth on the original question!!!

    Rouge H (I'm not a big fan of ViF) in Togo w/gold hw would be killer BUT if it's going to be the only bag for a long, long, long time then I'd opt for Black Togo with Palladium or Ruthenium hw.
  9. I kid you not- i had a dream about that damn agenda! Somebody better buy it before I loose my mind any further over this agenda- I am begging you!!!
  10. Hermes Rouge or Rouge Vif. You'll be very happy with either.
  11. Wait...maybe I got them confused! Which one is the blue-red color? Is that H or VIF?
  12. My SA describes them as such
    Rouge H: blue red
    Rouge vif: pinkish red
    Vermillion: almost true red with yellow undertone
  13. Rouge H
    [​IMG] Re: Hermes Informative Catalog

    Originally Posted by constance
  14. Rouge Vif
    rouge VIF fjord 37cm bolide
    photo: ebay - tuzey
  15. [​IMG] Re: Hermes Informative Catalog
    vermillion birkin
    (photo: ebay - mightykismet)