Black or Red Jasmin


What color Epi Jasmin??

  1. Epi Red

  2. Epi Black

  3. Another Color (please specify!!)

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  1. which color would you prefer?? A Black Epi Jasmin or a Red Epi Jasmin?? Originally I had thought about red, but the bf pointed out that the color is hard to match and etc. etc. But does black seem a little too.. grown up?? Please keep in mind that as most asians do, without make-up, I look like I'm about 12. and I'm about 5'1''. Plus I work in a very casual office place.. can't wear jeans, of course, but no suits are needed and lately I've been wearing sporty flats to work instead of heels.

    Also.. if Red.. what do you wear to match it??
  2. I'd go for the Red - its more statement making and its all about red this season LOL
  3. black- i bought a red, and never used it. i should have gotten the black. red would be good if you wear a lot of black tho.
  4. i say black. you'll get more use out of it :yes:
  5. I agree with you!!!!! You are making a statement with a more bold color! If you wear a lot of black, then the red Jasmin, would be perfect! But if not, then choose the black!
  6. hmmm...a black would in general probably match with more things. but red can work as a neutral, and go with your outfits too, depending on what colors you mostly wear to work...hmm...I say black!
  7. I love red epi, however if don't have a black basic bag then I would go for a black Jasmin, black it is universal color, easy to pair with any other color.
    If you already have a black solid bag, then I would go for the red, this is such fun color and goes will cool colors or neutrals. I call my red soufflot "my fun bag"
  8. Red!! The epi red is so hot! I would look great with black or brown.

    If you don't already have a black bag you might want to consider the black though because it will go with more things.
  9. Red
  10. I love red color ,,how about in myrtille? I was considering jasmin before especially in myrtille but deep down I am still speedy kind of gal..
  11. I would go for the black if it would match more with your clothing... however I personally am lusting for a red Jasmin since it's beautiful and quite a statement. If you want a colored handbag but not red, you could always consider the Myrtille blue or the new Cannelle color (I saw a Cannelle Jasmin in person, it is GORGEOUS!!)
  12. I say red. The color is popping. Black is a little too old and conservative. Red can wear with most colors, it's not too hard to match.
  13. Not fond of Red or Black...hence Vanilla or Lilac:P :sweatdrop: But if you've to choose between these two- Red
  14. Red! Red epi is such a stunning colour, and the jasmin looks great in red. There are so many black bags out there...
  15. Red for sure