Black or Red Birkin

  1. I can only afford one. I have to choose between black or red. I have 3 Black Coaches and a Black Spy Bag.

    I don't know what color to get... Black conventional or Red stands out more.

    What do I do? I wish I had the funds for both! Thank you for any advise.
  2. Hello Bagbug....and welcome to the Hermes threads!!!! The bug has bit and there's no turning back now.

    If you want to keep all your black bags, then go for a red Birkin. Otherwise, I'd recommend that you SELL all your bags and buy one black kellly with part of the proceeds of your sale AND then buy the Red Birkin too!!!!!
  3. Hi Bagbug, you don't say what size or style of bag or what leather and the colours of red you are thinking of?
  4. 35 cm Birkin in Brick hardware in 24kt gold.
    35 cm Black Taurillion Clemence hardwared in paladium.

    Okay here are the specs. So which one would you choose?
  5. tough is that one.

    What leather is the brique color in?
  6. Perhaps if you see which hardware would match your jewellery best?? personally I would prefer the black clemence, but I prefer gold hardware, however it is not me carrying it ... you need to work out what is best for you - what leather is the brique?
  7. Have you always liked that same shade of red? I know that my taste has changed over the years - just make sure it's a red that you will love over time. You can't go wrong with black.
  8. fopduck, my favourite is the Rouge H in any leather, although I love the new Rouge garance as well
  9. I agree. A black Kelly and red Birkin.:love: :P
  10. Flossy, I just saw a Rouge H Kelly for the first time IRL this past weekend. I knew right away that Rouge H is the red for me. It really blends in well with my neutral (aka boring) wardrobe. It adds color without screaming "look at me". I haven't seen Rouge garance yet.
  11. I agree - start with one and work for the other down the road! I would like to add a splash of red to the black though IMO!
  12. I agree with shopmom that if you plan to keep all your black bags, go get the red Birkin! Otherwise, sell all your blacks and get both Hermès bags in black and red.

    Brique is not really red right? It's more orangy?
  13. Hmm, between those two I'd choose the black Clemence. :smile:
  14. Red Birkin and black kelly (as Shopmom so perfectly stated).
  15. Just follow your heart~ You cannot go wrong with any selection, just make sure your heart skips a beat when you see it!