Black or Raisin with Silver HW.. HELP!!..

  1. Hi Ladies, Its me again.:shame: BJ 30 is so awesome and i cannot wait for a 35 so i emailed the lady who sold me my first. She has a Black and Raisin 35 now. I love purple at the same time i think that black with Silver HW is so chic. :s Tell me wat u think!?..
    Im 24, 160cm, 49kg if it matters. Im always in jeans and Tshirt / singlets.

  2. Oh, dear. Either would be fab...Raisin however, is simply one of a kind. That would be my pick! Good Luck!
  3. ^^HN i think ur right.. This is tough. I wish i had enough for both. HA! But then again dun we all..
  4. hahahaha ummmmm, anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with raisin! It will always be my first pick until I have at least 5 different things in it, then I may get something black!
  5. Raisin, definitely.
  6. ^^Candace, you are too cute! :p You shall have everything in Raisin...
  7. ^^^ hahhaaa... I love grape as a kid and still do now, maybe thats why i love purple. Is it the same with u. Hee..

    Raisin is very much darker than this?..
  8. ^ Raisin, just like any other color...comes out differently on different leathers/skins....
    which is why I need at least 5 raisins in different skins before I can move on.

    Chevre mysore? check!

    What's next!!! LOL
  9. ^^^ Congrats again raisin girl!
  10. I dunno..I'd be willing to trade for the c hance to play with your sweet doggies....:smile:

    THen again I'd do anything for my furry friends!

    SO! What do you decide? Black is lovely but so is Raisin and R compliments black or brown based clothing. (I like things that go with everything). So it depends on what you wear most and what your lifestyle involves.
  11. Black vs Raisin ... what skins are both of them in. 35cm Birkins start to get heavy and for your body frame, you may want to get a skin that is lighter.
  12. ^^ not sure yet. The lady is giving me the specs tomorrow. She says the tag writes baby bull (clemence?) At this time im leaning towards raisin. Its hard to get and i like purple.. If it gets heavy i have the sweet bf. HA! Im a lucky girl!
  13. Both are gorgeous : so you can't be wrong with Black or raisin.
    Maybe you could choose the leather you love the most...

    Since I have already black...I would pick up Raisin...
    And you have already a violet if you want to keep also...maybe you should go for black.
  14. I might go for raisin...even for the only reason that black bags are everywhere (not necessarily H, just in general). And, it's a color you're not going to see from other bag makers. I have a coat that is a similar raisin color, and I can't believe how much it goes with! Even though DH joked that I looked like Prince when I first bought
  15. I love both, but I have a soft spot for raisin. It all depends on what coloured clothes you wear/usage etc.