black or plomb?

  1. hello,girls! i would like you to help me identifying my city's colour. it is a fall/winter black city bought from athens balenciaga boutique. the colour on the tags says black/nero. the colour is not dark black. actually sometimes it seems black, some others it seems washed. i know that this year's black colour is more faded so my question is my city is the so called plomb/steel or black (but different black than the one of previous years?) plomb is this year's black? i know that photos would be helpful but there's a problem with my i'll try to post them soon!
  2. nina - I've seen some light looking black bags this year. I was sure I had my hands on a plomb at Barney's Seattle. Once I held it in natural light, I could tell it was black. Like your bag, it said nero.

    A plomb (literally means lead) is the color of pencil lead. More of a charcoal grey with a sheen. If you could see the two side by side, it would help. Also take a look in the Balenciaga color reference. Some of the bbag gals have recently bought plomb bags and posted pics.
  3. I agree, some of the blacks are very faded, so if yours says nero, then it is black, not plomb.
  4. jburgh, thank you so much for your response ! i've seen pics of other girl's bbags but i can't tell. there are plomb/steel bags that are more faded than mine and then i am sure that mine is black, just not jet black. but other times i see plomb/steel that look like mine...and i am confused!:confused1: i know it does not matter at all because i still love my bag, just wanted to know what i own!
    thanks a lot for your response!
  5. spylove,thanks for your response!
    i know there are department stores that have their own colour codes so they could had named a plomb balenciaga black because they couldn't tell the difference between the colours. but since i bought my bag from balenciaga boutique, i guess the colour name should be right. it just happens to be washed black (it looks vintage,i like it!)
    thank you all, girls!!
  6. If it says Nero on the tag, it is black. But I agree, some of the blacks looks lighter.
  7. I have two '07 bags - my F/W City looks very dark black and my S/S Work is light black, almost a midnight/bluish black. Both were labled by NM as 'Black'. IRL they both look very different than Plomb - which looks exactly like the dark grey lead of a #2 pencil. All three gorgey BTW!:yahoo:
  8. When I was at Balny, a SA brought out some bags for a customer and I was watching and I looked very closely and I was sure the two that were dark were steel, then the SA said they are black and I was shocked.
  9. Here is the Plomb if it helps you in any way.:smile:
    IMG_3346%20%282%29.JPG IMG_3339%20%282%29.JPG
  10. brunette tiger,i just saw your babies at the colour reference thread (by the way your work is great:heart:) and i think the colour of my city is somewhere in between depending on the light.
    nanaz, thank you for your help! you are all soooo helpful!
    i guess that we have concluded that it is probably black but even black varies and can be washed and greyish many times,right?
  11. yes black does vary alot - black bag lover here - love them all!