Black(or Plomb) Work GSH on Bluefly NOW!!

  1. Looks like a Plomb but it's labeled Black:confused1: If anyone is interested, let me know so I will let it go! It's in my cart now!!
  2. hey is work suppose to have a shoulder strap? since in the description it said • Detachable 20'' shoulder strap with comfort strap and 10'' drop? thanks~
  3. work has no shoulder strap.
  4. chinkee21 you are amazing at catching the good deals on Bluefly!!
  5. that's what I thought, so i was wondering why that work has a should strap stated in the description, anyways, it's gone now :p
  6. :nuts: I didnt notice that! When I saw it there I just put it in my cart right away! :lol: Hope a pfer got it!!
  7. Can someone tell me how much does it cost in store please?
  8. Thank you.
  9. Gah! I want this. Said OOS
  10. Did someone end up snatching this beauty?