Black or pink?

  1. Hi,

    I just purchased pink/black cambon bowler and trying to expand my chanel collection.
    My next dream purchase would be the classis flap but should I get one in black or pink?
    I would love to get both black and pink if I can find a good deal, of course but if I had to choose, should I go with black since I have pink cambon already?? :idea:
  2. I would go black simple because I like to have a lot of color options available!
  3. I vote for's classic
  4. the light pink one :smile:
  5. I like black
  6. i also vote for black, it's so classic.
  7. I would definitely go black. You'd get more use, and I think the re-sale value (just in case) is better.
  8. Go for the black first.....
  9. I am trying to find a pink..but to no avail! Has anyone seen a white or pink classic caviar? Thanks!

    If you don't have a black, I would get black..then pink. Since you've already got a pink bag. I have too much black!
  10. black! you can't go wrong!
  11. black first then expand to pink later.
  12. Thanks everyone! I am going to get the black one first. :idea:
  13. Good choice. I would go with black too since you already have a pink one.
  14. Black is a great choice.
  15. I prefer the pink one but I think it's better to have first a black one and consider the pink as future purchase... a good reason to buy a second one! :biggrin:
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