Black or Parchment?!?!

  1. Holy Sh*t!!!! I can't make up my mind. Hubby is getting me a Carly for Valentines Day:love: , but I can't decide if I want Parchment or Black:s . This is going to be my first leather Coach. I don't have any black bags, so that is making me lean more towards the black, but I love the parchment, but I am afraid that I will get it super dirty, because I am so rough with my my bags. Do any of you girls have either one of these? Please help, I have been pondering this every since the Carly came out!!! Thanks in advanced!:heart:

  2. I like the black!
  3. I have the medium Carly in parchment. When I first saw the bag, it was truly the only color combo I just LOVED (sine then, they've call grown on me though). I love the contrast of the deep mahogony with the ivory.

    Now, for the honesty aprt . . .As far as upkeep, black would certainly wear easier. And the hardware really stands out on the black in a great way! I rotate my bags, so I felt ok getting the parchemnt since I knew I would use it for clips at a time, but not constantly. I protected the bag with lovinmybags protectant and do keep it in its dustbag when not using it at work. I have had no issues with it getting dirty, but I do baby it.

    If it's an every day bag you're looking for - go for the black. If you have an everday bag and can "supplement", I'd go for the parchment.
  4. I thinking I may go towards the black, because more than likely I will carry it everyday!! But, the parchment is so beautiful, too!!! Maybe hubby could get me both:graucho:
  5. ^^^^ I like your thinking. I'm in the midst of trying to convince my husband that Valentine's Day is a gift giving type of holiday, since it never has been before for us!
  6. I would say black, it goes with everything!
  7. Thanks guys!:flowers:
  8. I just tried on the Black large carly and I love it! The parchment one is cute, but I like how the hardware looks on the black.