Black or Origan city????

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  1. Or another color? Which to choose for my first Bbag??? (Ink wouldn't work for me, most of what I wear are warm tones.) I'm thinking black would be the most classic, but I do like the origan color. Which will be the bag I dream of for the next few weeks?
  2. oooh tough call - I am selling my origan twiggy; not because I don't love the color; but, because I don't need two green bags.

    Each day I like the black city less and less, because I come to appreciate the colored b-bags more and more.

    I will tell you that the origan goes with a lot!! It can clash with some colors though, so, I guess it depends on how often you intend on using this bag.

    I think you have a tough decision in front of you; can you go to one of the stores that sell the bags out there in Cali and try them on?

    Wear one of your favorite outfits and try both bags on; the right color will speak to you - who knows, you could come home with an ink. ;)
  3. I did see both colors at Barney's a few weeks ago, though the only City's they had in stock were grey and rose. They had a black Day (I think) and an origan First. For what I'm considering spending on a bbag, I just want one that won't look dated in a couple of years, which was why I was considering the black.
  4. ^ psueb - that is a great point - the black will stay with you through all seasons and all years; however, these bags do have amazing staying power - look at how much money a prior season colored bag can fetch on Ebay.
  5. pseub- have you looked at the caramel- it's gorgeous IRL and would be perfect for warm tones. The rust, although super daring and bright-is also gorgeous IRL. But of the two you suggested, I would go for the black if you are looking for a classic everyday bag.