Black or Orchid Veneta Maxi?

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  1. I'm torn between getting a Black or Orchid veneta maxi. I love the Orchid color but think it may be too much in such a large bag. On the other hand, I feel black is too plain. Also, I'm not sure how well black BV bags age. Does the patina show up on them? Any advice would be great.
  2. i agree with you on both counts, orchid may be too big and black is too flat..... can tell you like colder color, so you may want to consider gray..... just my 2 cents..
  3. I understand your concerns about how the orchid may be too bright in a maxi. How about the maxi veneta in ebano? It's the yummiest dark chocolate brown that goes with just about everything.
  4. I agree. Personally I don't love black venetas, the weave doesn't show up that well IMO and that's the essence of the bag. That being said though, a black veneta is probably one of the most practical/versatile bags anyone could have. When I had to choose between a black veneta and a metallic, I chose the metallic, it just wowed me.
  5. Hi Tooomz, nice to see you in the BV forum. :P
    I just tried both colors in the maxi last Sunday, I have to say that the Orchid is too loud in the maxi, but very cute in smaller bags such as the medium belly veneta.

    However I don't think the BV black is too plain, it's very classic with the gold zippers.
    It also ages well, it will get some scuff on both corners but still looks fabulous. You wouldn't notice the scuff that much.
    My Mom owns both black and ebano BV venetas, they're holding up pretty well in my opinion.

    I think you can go for a black BV or the new 2010 grey, both are stunning!!
    Good luck!! Do post pics when you decided to buy one!!
  6. I agree that a black veneta is not too plain, I was not a big fan of Black BVs until I bought a large Veneta
    Orchid on a maxi might be too strong
  7. I also agree that the black maxi veneta is not too plain. I love mine and find that it has aged extremely well (minus the minor scuffing on the corners as chaoyichien stated) and is very classic and chic. I use it often when traveling and it always garners many compliments and requests for me to let them touch/feel the leather!

    Go for the black in the maxi. Orchid maxi would be a bit much. Good Luck deciding!
  8. While I do nopt have the black maxi, I do have the pleated large Veneta from 2008. Love it!
  9. Thanks for your advice. I'm actually trying to stay away from light colors. I'd be worried about patina/dirt showing up on grey.
  10. Another thought I had would be the tourbabuoni style, I did think that in black was gorgeous, the weave is really striking. Last week there was a black maxi tornabuoni on Bluefly.
  11. I thought about the brown but I realized I have 2 brown bags that I haven't carried in years. I'm either carrying a black bag or a loud color. It's all or nothing, hehe.
  12. I was wondering if it would just look like any BV knockoff if I got a plain black. Thanks for your input, but I was just considering those 2 colors and I really liked the Maxi size.
  13. Thanks for the welcome! I tried on the Lilac Maxi and loved the size but they didn't have any small Orchid bags in stock. I'm unfamiliar with most of the models. This subforum has some great info though so now I can tell the difference between a Montaigne and Veneta but still don't know what a medium belly veneta is! I'll run a search :biggrin:

    I thought black would be a very practical choice but maybe too boring. I will post photos if I ever make up my mind. I nearly bought the Lilac on the spot because of its great price but I already had a Lilac Balenciaga and preferred its color to the BV's.
  14. Do you use your black large veneta a lot? Have you had it long? How is it holding up?
  15. Thanks for your feedback! I do have concerns about durability as I saw my Mom's white BV slowly accumulate dirt & patina. I'm glad it's a great travel bag. Do you only use it for travel? Or is it a good size for daily use?