Black or Orange PS11? Opinions please!

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What colour PS11?

  1. Black

  2. Orange

  3. Another colour altogether!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. The PS11 has totally grown on me. I'm interested in the classic size. When I first fell for the bag, it was in the black colour, but I have a ton of black bags. Should I go for a more "fun" colour like orange (I have no orange accessories) or stick to the classic black? Or should I go for another colour altogether? TIA!
    22288F070007_1_2.jpg SP2A3219.jpg
  2. I voted for orange because I think it's having a moment right now. If you already own several black bags, why not branch out. It may surprise you how much you use it. Either way, you can't go wrong.
  3. You're right - I am super-loving orange right now! However I'm afraid it might be a trend (even though I will now forever associate orange with Hermes). Thanks for your vote!
  4. The orange is amazing :heart: perhaps it'll look great for a longer time because the color is associated with H?
  5. For me orange. It looks more daring
  6. I love colors. Have à lemon myself.

    But for à ps 11 I like Black most.
  7. Black. The orange is cute, but the black is timeless and the bag is unique enough that I would think it would be different enough from your other blacks.
  8. Thank you for all your opinions so far! I seem to be really indecisive lately :biggrin:
  9. I've been eyeing on the PS11 too!
    But am deciding between the black, navy and green (I wear colours..)

    Orange is gorgeous btw~!
  10. Ooh nice.
    I like black because it matches everything but the orange seems like such a fun pop of colour. I would say black or green for you
  11. Ooh nice.
    I like black because it matches everything but the orange seems like such a fun pop of colour. I would say black or green for you
  12. Looks like most people prefer black. But orange is still somewhat calling my name..! I know black is the safer choice, but orange is kind of like saddle/whiskey, isn't it?
  13. The orange is amazing, but I agree with the PP who said that orange is "having a moment" right now, and in a year's time, another colour will be "having a moment".

    I just bought myself the black mini, so I am biased, but I do love the black. Especially as the hardware just pops so much against the black leather!

    If you prefer a colour other than black, have you considered saddle? It's still within the warm tones of the orange, but more classic and subtle.
  14. I have a saddle PS1, so don't want the same shade in the PS11. But you're right, the black really accentuates the bag. I am saving for a black one.
  15. This is tough! I love the orange but I think you if you want something timeless and classic you should go with black. But it also depends on whether or not you already have a bunch of black bags.