Black Or Olive? What Color Is This Bag?

  1. i attached a pictures for this bag. looked at it carefully. what color do you think this is? also, looked closely to the leather of the key and the padlock, its totally different from the bag. YES?? or am i going crazy??/ how d i tell LVR this? and also if i return, do i really have to pay the shipping and the customs. this was clearly thier mistake. right? PLEASE HELP! what do i do? i would like this exchange.
  2. WOW! That is really odd :confused1:

    I would guess it is Navy but I thought it came with silver hw???

    I would def return it after contacting them to decribe the sitch.
    They should issue a s/h refund to you. They have great customer
    service so hopefully this shouldn't be a problem.

    Personally, I would have them send a new bag immediately too!!
  3. Looks like last season's noir which wasn't a true black, matched with black accessories. They may credit you s/h but I don't know if they can credit you any customs, or they might offer to send a more appropriately matching key leash and lock at not charge if you keep the noir bag. I got a tan paddy from LVR in March but it was missing the key/leash. They ordered me one but it took 2 months to arrive and I was very worried the color would be off a shade - fortunately it was perfect but I've been hesitant to order from LVR ever since due to customs and quality control issues.
  4. ...I think some variation in colours is common, my taupe paddy has a bit lighter shade leather on the handles than rest of the bag but the difference is definitely not as clear as in this one. I'm agreeing with hmwe, I'm pretty sure they'll pay the return shipping and send you a new bag on their cost if you explain the problem to them :yes:
  5. Sorry to add to your confusion, but it kinda looks navy to me.
  6. I agree with blugenie, noir mixed with some new black. It's definitely not Olive, I saw the new olive at Nordies and its really a true olive (light green/yellowish) Sorry that happened to you. :crybaby:I'm sure LVR will not make you pay for anything. Good luck and let us know how they resolve the problem. :flowers:
  7. ^yea you're right, it looks like navy (or noir) with black leather around the lock and on the key...? Is there difference on the colour of the stitching too...?

    Could it be they put a wrong lock and key on this bag? :wtf:

    Maybe you should send this picture to lvr? I have dealed with them and they've always been very helpful, I'm sure they'll solve this thing nicely :yes:
  8. Thank you ladies for clearing the color for me. i sent pictures to LVR and yes, they said they send the wrong bag and also the wrong bag has the different lock and key. They said i won't have to pay the shpping back and forth beacuse it was their mistake. FEDEX told me that as long as the package description says " return/exchanged under warranty" i don't need to pay the customs and taxes again. It just mean i have to wait longer for my bag. I guess they quality control isn't as good as others.
    Hopefully this won't happen to anyone again.
    I will keep your ladies posted. thanks again!!
  9. So glad they are being cooperative - please post new pictures when you get the right bag! And...let us know how it goes! ;)

  10. I am so glad they have good custome service for you!

    Just be patient and the new bag will be here before you know it.
  11. ^ :yes: Ditto what Kellybag said!

    You will have your beautiful new paddy before you know it!! Remember to post pics of her!! :heart:
  12. Outstanding! :flowers:

    I am glad to hear this for your sake and to know that LVR keeps their good name :yes: