Black or Nude Pigalle?

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  1. Hello, I'm trying to get some opinions from all the lovely CL experts here on what color pigalle I should get. I have a pigalle 100mm in turquoise and I've been looking to get another pair of pigalle in black or nude patent. I have ~14 pairs of CL and realize that I don't have any of them in the basic colors. (Well, I have a 70mm mary jane in nude, but I've been eyeing pigalles for AGES)

    So I'm thinking of ordering a pair of pigalle either in nude or black patent leather, and I'm going to use them for many occasions such as work, night out, stroll in downtown in the summer (it's long here since I live in the south) and most of the clothes I have are in blue, red, pink or black. I love both colors of the pigalle and right now I only have the $ to buy one pair (bought a pair of magenta patent simple earlier). Suggestions? Also right now I can only find them in 85mm instead of the 100mm, but since they are so hard to find I don't mind going with the 85mm. I tried on 37.5 in store but they didn't have a 37 for me to try on. The 37.5 fit perfectly but I'm worried about the stretching since I have fairly narrow feet. Suggestions?

    Colors: nude or black patent?
    Size: 37 or 37.5?
  2. I suggest black patent, you cand dress up or down and look fabulous either way. Pigalles 100 usually fit TTS, if you are unsure, there's a CL sizing thread that could help you compare the sizes of other CL styles.
  3. I would suggest nude Pigalle because they make your legs look longer. They are ideal for Spring and Summer and go with everything.
  4. XD see why I'm stuck on the color? And yeah, I figured out my sizing, it's 37. I love the nude mary jane that i have but maybe get a pair in black 85 for now and wait and see when i can find a pair of 100mm i nude later on. it's getting harder and harder to find them now! so sad!

    And thank you ladies for your responses! Really appreciate the input! :heart:
  5. Another vote for nude. I have PP's in both nude and black patent, but I always reach for my nude ones, even when I'm wearing a black dress. The nude is such a flattering color, and really goes with anything.
  6. Nude. But I'm biased. They are my "bury these with me" shoes. :smile:
  7. Black for now. Nude later.

    Black is more versatile whereas nude has a more casual vibe.
  8. Thank you all so much! Yeah, I ordered a pair of black pigalle 85 yesterday. (not available at SAKS but fortunately a local boutique had 1 pair left)

    But I was told by the local boutique that there won't be any more pigalles. (I am hoping it's just at their store?) And I REALLY want a pair of nude pigalle 100 in patent, but it is basically impossible for me to find them, let alone my size. Someone approached me about selling me theirs, still new in box with her receipt, but it's I believe kid leather (possibly jazz, hard to tell from picture). Should I take their offer? Or should I wait and see if CL'll restock on the pigalle 100 nude patent? (On the US CL site they don't even have any except a blue python one) Please let me know what you all think! >.<
  9. I'd go with black coz I like to wear dark colors and it's my first pair (still pending delivery). I think nude is more feminine and better with dresses and skirts. So really depends on your style. Can I say get both?prob nude in higher heels ^_____^

    Hunting is part of the fun for CL's, I think. I enjoy the excitement of finally finding the exact style you want. Whatever you settle on, good luck and enjoy! Please post reveal and mod pics when you get them!!
  10. Completely agree with this
  11. Just bought my first pair of CLs and they were patent leather black pigalle 120mm. I'm hooked and yes finding new ones is so exciting now!!!!:biggrin:
  12. I'd say black because nude is tricky and it depends on your skintone. Maybe I am too particular on nude matching skintone. But a bad nude is a no-go for me. Other the other side, you never go wrong with black classy pumps!
  13. I say go with nude :smile: I have them and I wear them all the time! Good luck!
  14. NUde are so much sexier, black ones look cheap
  15. i think nude