Black or Noce?Thoughts on Color for First Veneta

  1. Hi Everyone! I have enjoyed the BV forum so much over these last few weeks. I really think its time to invest in a large Veneta, but as always, I'm indecisive about the color choice. I want a versatile color that would look great at my corporate workplace but also on the weekends with my toddler! Any thoughts on which color you like best and why, I'd love to hear from owners! Thanks guys!
  2. I'm a huge fan of ebano as a classic, work appropriate color. And the leather seems so much softer in ebano for some reason. For brighter colors, the carmino red is gorgeous but very bold. And if you want some real pop, maybe the Hawaii exclusive color, almature? Can't wait to see what you decide on!
  3. Between nero and noce, I have a Montaigne in each of them and I really do love them both. The nero might be a bit more durable with your toddler's sticky hands and such, but the noce is such a lovely colour (the colour of my beagles' ears...) and is still quite dark so it won't show EVERYTHING like some of the lighter colours. Both are great in a corporate workplace too so I don't think you can go wrong with either. Or as ouija board suggest, the ebano is a darker brown than the noce and therefore even more durable - and the BV signature colour so you won't go wrong with that either. Oh, and then there is the carmino red - I have a Montaigne in that too and it is such a wonderful colour too!

    Okay, I'm of no help whatsoever as now I've got you getting FOUR Venetas!!
  4. Well, you guys are cracking me up! Don't worry, you start with one and soon you have four. It is an inevitable consequence of BV fever.

    I vote for the red. Red is a great neutral and such a happy power color. The Carmino is lovely. A red bag exudes confidence and raises the spirit. GET RED!
  5. I'd say black all the way. It's classic, goes with everything and is always in style (as most things BV are!)

    Good luck!
  6. Baglovingmom, you can't go wrong with either black, noce, ebano or moro but I chose black when I selected my first BV thinking it truly goes with everything.
  7. Both colours you have suggested are gorgeous. I have four colours because I'm totally hooked and I can safely say that whether you pick nero or nocce both will look great. Although if you have a toddler and need something
    "resilient" I would go for black!!!
  8. I agree with everyone here who said black, I think it's a lovely no nonsense colour that goes with everything! I'm a bit biased though because I'm not a fan of tan coloured bags in general! Ebano is also a great darker alternative to noce.
  9. I vote for Nero which I also have. My son once spilled 4 drops of chocolate milk on it and it survived:biggrin:
  10. My black ball survived a butter laden knife that literally flew off the restaurant table and landed right on my bag. The same could not have been said if it was noce.
  11. Thank you all so much! I love the noce color it is the type of color I typically buy leather bags in, since it's so seasonless but then I saw a large veneta in black and ebano, all the colors really are so lovely, and red, I had never even thought of that, that would be great as well. It's great to know I can't go wrong! Thanks again, I love the PF!
  12. Check out the style reference thread! You'll see a lot of Venetas in different colors, and hopefully it will help. :yes: P.S. I'm partial to my Noce Veneta. The color is so rich and I love how it gets better with age.
  13. Black!
  14. definitely NERO
  15. Hi baglovingmom, an ebano veneta would be my vote. it falls somewhere between nero and noce and still looks classy at work and laid back on weekends. Other colour I would vote for would be moutarde (light mustard yellow), though it being a light colour, can get stained easier.