Black or Navy Chanel card holder

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Black or Navy Chanel card holder

  1. Black

  2. Navy Blue

  1. Hi everyone,

    Please help me choose the color for my new Chanel card holder : I'm hesitating between the classic Black caviar or the Navy Blue with gold champagne (limited edition). Which one would you buy? (See attached picture)

    Thanks! xoxo

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  2. I've a weak spot for a blue chanel so my vote definitely goes to the blue. Besides it's limited right? The black will always be there :P
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  3. I'm not big on colorful card holders but this blue is gorgeous and not too in your face.. beautiful!
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  4. The blue stands out more. It’s beautiful!
  5. I vote for the blue too! The grain on leather looks finer and I like the whole look of the blue card holder :cool:
  6. Blue! And now I want to get one! :lol:
  7. Normally I would say black. But that blue is gorgeous.
  8. By any chance did you see this navy blue with gold champage in the small flap wallet? I can't see it on their website and there's no Chanel store from where I am :sad:
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  9. No, I haven't. The navy blue one is limited edition. As for the card holder, I just bought the last navy blue one in cross-Canada according to my SA...
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  10. Blue!!!! Gorg!!!!
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