Black or Mother of Pearl face on Diamond Movado watch??

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  1. If I do get this 18K white gold diamond Movado should I get it in the typical Movado black (I already have a non diamond black faced Movado) or the mother of pearl face for an everyday watch??

    I am leaning torwards the MOP since I think its a little softer and not so typical Movado. Opinions please!!

    Or would you get the Ebel Diamond Mini watch with a mother of pearl face??
    oriziwgblk[1].jpg orizomopwgdiam[1].jpg 9157428982050_1[1].jpg
  2. If you already have a black face, get the other. It's very pretty!
  3. Movado MOP. If you already have the black dial, this will give you a totally different look. I also think the MOP is really pretty and feminine. It dresses up a diamond bezel even more.
  4. I prefer the white dial.
  5. I prefer MOP:smile:
  6. MOP if you already have black. It's nice to have options.
  7. I love the mother-of-pearl.
  8. I would wear this watch everyday instead of the stainless black face Movado with out diamonds that I have but I do think I love the MOP face more, it has a little shimmer to it while the black face it flat...thanks for the help!!
  9. another vote for the MOP
  10. def black it's classic!
  11. I have a black face diamond Movado which looks a little more formal than my MOP Tag. As much as I love the look of the black face, it drives me crazy because every smudge shows on the crystal. The MOP doesn't show a thing. I also agree that if you have one style, to get the other.
  12. I completely agree, plus the MOP face is just more unusual. I love mine.
  13. MOP, most definitely!
  14. I love the mother of pearl, particularly if you already have one with a black face.
  15. I like the 3rd one.