black or light purple velo balenciaga?

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  1. I just bought black velo balenciaga bag, i was so confuse between black or light purple color...then I decided to buy the black one......should i keep it or sell it then buy the purple one?
  2. Why you don't like the black color? Velo is a crossbody style, light color like light purple might be at risk for color transfer of your outfit. I would think stay with black is better. Black is always classic :woot: Btw, if you really don't like the black color, then sell it and get other color you like more.
  3. :smile: thx for the advice..... i doubt it becoz I already have the dark blue first, I thought light purple might be something new for my bag collections, but thx to u i think i am gonna keep this black velo :smile:
  4. You can't go wrong with black :biggrin:
  5. You know what, i always like pop or light color, but end up i will buy dark color, simply becoz i don't want my luxury bag get dirty so fast! ha ha. :nuts: I would think a light color is suitable for small bag, like first! I'm having the same problem now. I have a black first, a canard city, now looking for Town. The only color available for me is castagna. Another dark color :yahoo:
  6. hahaha dilemma..... we r having the same problem :smile: we can't use light color bag as often as dark color... maybe that's why i always end up buying the dark color bag :smile:
  7. I LOVE my black CGH Velo!! You made the right choice and between the 3 carrying options you will be able to wear it with everything. Also the black leather this season is particularly gorgeous!!

    Maybe you could get an accessory in the purple color to satisfy your craving :graucho:
  8. I just ordered a black velo too and I am so excited!!!! Keep the black and get a small, colorful Bal accessory!! That's my opinion!!
  9. yayy...thx guys for the advices... I am happy with my black velo now:smile: lookin for neon color accessories now haha:ty: