Black or Khaki Carly?

  1. Pls help! I'm going crazy trying to decide on either of the above colours.

    Just between the black and Khaki. Brown's out as I have one too many brown bags. Need to make a decision by tonight!
  2. which khaki? khaki w/ saddle, khaki w/ black or khaki w/ gold? OR they are coming out w/ a new khaki w/ chili (red) in Sept/Oct!!!!! Not to confuse you or anything!!! LOLOL
  3. Khaki with black. Yeah, I read about the red, it will be sooooooo HOT HOT HOT! But I can't wait till then. Need my Carly remedy NOW! lol

    So black or khaki with black?
  4. I vote for the black...especially if you are buying the large size b/c the C's dont show up as much!!! In the medium size, the khaki's look nicer though!!! Was I a help!!!???? LOLOLOL
  5. I vote for the Khaki/black Carly...I own this bag in the large size and get many many compliments on it!
  6. I vote for the khaki...I love mine!!!
  7. I am pining away for the khaki...I think the black with the gold hardware is not as attractive.
  8. all black.......not a fan of the khaki/black on the carly for some reason (love my shoulder bag though)
  9. I love the khaki/black but in the large think it kind of is too much... with the large c's and all, that is why I just traded mine for a chocolate.. so I guess I vote black if you are getting the large! lol if not, khaki!!
  10. I'm getting the medium. The large is huge one me. I'm barely 5 ft. LOL!

    I'm really swinging into the khaki now..........!
  11. I like the khaki/black combo just a little bit more than the black/black. :yes: I really like them both, though.
  12. Then I say khaki/black all the way.. that bag is beautiful!!! and goes w/ everything!!! :tup:
  13. I vote for the khaki. I love the way it looks on the Carly :smile:
  14. I actually prefer the all black over the khaki/black, but they are both cute.
  15. My vote is khaki/black! You can get any bag in black, IMO, and the khaki/black will go with everything & everyone doesn't have it!