Black or Ivory/White?


Black or Ivory/White Jumbo Classic Flap in caviar?

  1. Black

  2. Ivory/White

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  1. I just purchased the black jumbo Classic Flap in caviar with gold h/w. However, because I already have a black square vintage ligne in black (even though it is a 'casual' style compared the the classic flap). I was considering exchanging for a white or ivory (if even available). I am pretty wreckless, so I'm kinda scared to get such a light colored purse (If I do) because I will end up dirtying it and not being so careful. I also want to use a lot of the bag. And I don't have white heels. hehe. The only white pairs of shoes are my tennis shoes. Otherwise, I use black heels or flats.

    So... fellow TPFers... Any advice?:confused1:
  2. I chose ivory. I love that colour. And just be careful when you're carrying it out!
  3. If you don't want another black one, I would get a 2.55 classic flap caviar in dark white. This is available for this current 2006 fall/winter collection. Being caviar, it's much easy to care for. I own three white bags (tweed, crochet, and calfskin) and I pair with black shoes or beige shoes, etc... Don't have to match with white only.
  4. white definitely.
  5. I didn't see the classic in ivory but I've seen it in white and it's stunning :heart: .
  6. Okay, well I went to NM today and they did not have the jumbo classic in white. just the medium, and YES it is gorgeous! But just too small for me. The SA told me to come by end of this month as she says new ones are coming in!
  7. YIKES! Looks like everyone likes white!!! (I do, too..) But I can't find it!! And I want it in dirty white or cream.. dark white.
  8. dark white definitely yum!
  9. OOoohh, definitely in Ivory. Hang in there, you'll find one soon enough!
  10. i don't think you need to worry too much about the white in caviar leather. i've always been able to remove dirt or smudge marks from my white caviar east/west bag with a soft cloth and water or leather cleaner.
  11. Can't make up my mind between white and ivory.
  12. definitely white. good luck!
  13. ivory is attractive but will age in no time.
    depending on how often you like to update your collection, if you want to play it safe I'ld get black.

    Black never ages and looks brand new even when its not!
  14. anyone have pic of the ivory?
  15. ^ Yes, I wanna see a pic as well... ( I still can't find one..)