Black or ivory Julianne?

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Black or ivory Julianne?

  1. Black

  2. Ivory

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  1. Ok so I'm trying to decide between the black or ivory Julianne bag. I'd normally go for black (don't have a black MJ yet though), but the ivory is so pretty! I want to be able to use it everyday all year round and not worry too much about it getting dirty. I'd like to use it in the evening too perhaps, lol so I don't have to get a Mayfair! Does dirt come off the ivory or show up on it easily? I don't baby my bags, but I am careful with them to an extent.
  2. I think the black is pretty and classy. I wouldnt like the Ivory for myself b/c its kind of creamy/pinkish looking to me. I think with the finish on the Julianne, it would be easy to get any dirt marks out. (I don't own one so experts correct me if I'm wrong)
  3. I've always loved the Julianne in Ivory, so my vote goes out for that one
  4. Love the black. It's classy and so gorgeous! I can imagine it can be pretty versatile too from day to night! Let us know what you end up getting.
  5. I have black because it goes with my wardrobe more, and I don't like worrying about getting my bags dirty.
  6. I own the black and I love it so... after a rocky start. The quilting and chain, truly a classy look and it wears so well on my shoulder or arm.

    You'll love EITHER! GL!
  7. i say black because i have a dirt phobia too so cant do light coloured bags. do you have a piccy of the ivory one as ive not seen it ...
  8. although i do love the white/gold combo, i think the patent leather and gold hardware looks better in black.
  9. Here's a pic of the ivory one

  10. It's a toughie cos I am actually not keen on light coloured bags either simply because I can't be doing with constantly worrying about colour rub, dirt etc. but that's not to say they aren't gorgeous, and I do feel the julianne in Ivory stands out more. You really can't go wrong with either cos they are both classy in my opinion. I would be more inclined to go with what goes with your lifestyle and wardrobe, and what your gut instinct is drawing you to.
  11. I think I'm gonna go with the black one :yes: I love how classy it looks and I reckon I might be able to get away with wearing it dressed up and down. I've got my eye on one on ebay, so this may call for a breaking of my ban :shame:. I do like the ivory, but I don't think it'll go with what I wear as much and I'd be paranoid about getting it dirty.
  12. This is a tough call! Both of gorgeous, though with the black, it would be perfect for evening and you wouldn't have to worry too much about dirt showing. So, with that, I say go for black, though both are gorgeous.
  13. Oh good call!