Black or Ink?


Which should I get?

  1. Black

  2. Ink

  3. Other Color?

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  1. So I've decided that for my next Bbag I would like to get a First. I think a neutral will go farther with my wardrobe--I tend to wear a lot of color. So, I was thinking either Black or Ink. I already own a black twiggy and I love it, but if I have two in black, will I still use them both? Also, I like the look of Ink from the pictures here, though I've never seen one IRL. Those of you who own Ink, what do you think of it? Can it substitute for black? Let me know your thoughts, thanks!!
  2. I love my Ink Work! It's beautifulll and it definitely matches a lot! I don't have a black bag at all (I know, I should really get on that!) but I do think the Ink works as a "neutral" but with an edge! Good luck on your hunt!
  3. I own an Ink City and love it but I also love Black so I'm really no help at all. I think that if you tend to wear a lot of colors, Black would go with everything and's one of those great neutral, year-round colors. I tend to wear jeans with either a neutral (black, navy, red, etc) top and the Ink goes well with the jeans IMO but I'd love to get a Black too for the days when I wear a Khaki colored pants which I don't Ink would go well with at all. Good Luck!
  4. INK INK INK! i love ink, and you have the black twiggy so is time to change :smile:
  5. Since you already have black, I'm gonna go with ink. Great color and would give you some variety. Good luck!!
  6. Ink is a great alternative to black! Diversity is always good...have you thought about anthracite or plomb? They might be good options too.
  7. I voted for black as it goes well with everything.
  8. Ink is a perfect alternative to black. It is almost black but with a little kick to it. It is the most amazing color b/c it changes depending on the light--sometimes dark blue in tone and sometimes purplish. You will love it; go with ink!
  9. I voted ink... it's easy on the eyes!
  10. Definitely Ink. You can get black in any bag, but ink is a little different.
  11. I say ink because you already have a black twiggy... also coz I think this color is a great alternative to black... a chameleon for sure... and from what I've seen its definitely versatile!
  12. I agree with ahertz - ink would be a great alternative to black. I think the antra would be great as well - all those colors wrapped up in one great bag!
  13. I wont be much help cos I always fancy First in a "pop up" colours :smile:

    Between black and ink, I will choose ink cos it's just more unique..
  14. Thanks for the advice ladies! Now I have to actually find one of these bags...:upsidedown::rolleyes:
  15. I'm not a fan of the Ink, so my vote goes to black.

    If it's a chameleon color you're craving like the Ink, I much, much prefer the Anthracite. But then again, I'm partial to Anthras, I've got 2....