Black or Ink?

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  1. So i am new at this bbag thing and am planning on getting my first this week. I went to Nm 2 days ago to look for a black city or part-time, but no luck. Now as I look through your beautiful collections. I am in love with the ink! Can you even get them anymore? Anyone that owns one, what do you think? Love it? Thanks!!!
  2. I own both colors and LOVE them!!! Ink is harder to find but I think it's worth the wait!
  3. Any pics of your ink?
  4. The only one I have right now is in my family pic. It's the Ink Box in the lower right hand corner. It has more purple in it (which I LOVE) and I just bought an Ink Purse that has more blue.
  5. Ink just seems more special than black. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, but it's such a lovely colour that can appear black, blue or purple depending on the ight, which means it will go with a lot. If you get the opportunity to buy an Ink, I say go for it!
  6. MRG... Your collection is beautiful! The ink does look special! I just dont know if I can find one?
  7. Thanks!
    I think I saw a thread that said there was a few Inks soemwhere. Check the threads from the past day or 2 and then check in the Stores now caring Bbags thread. Good Luck!
  8. Thanks Mrg! I will have to look. but I do think if I go with black I will get the Part-time bacause, as much as I love the city, you dont see as many black PT's, seems like they are close to the same size too. Thanks!!!
  9. A black PT would be AMAZING! I have a grenat PT and love the longer handles. Make sure and post pics as soon as you get what you're getting!
  10. Diabro has a black Pt. They seem reputable. Im thinking of getting from there.