black or ink city/day?

  1. which do you prefer?

    I normally wear greys, navys, and then blacks.
  2. ink all the way. At the moment it is my one and only bbag (traded my sister my day bag for it) and I adore it. I have had several other bbags and they have never suited me as perfectly. I know I will never part with it!!
  3. I would go for an ink city ! The color is so versatile!
  4. Ink !!!
  5. Ink! black is made every season.
  6. Well, I just took my ink city out for the first time today and I LOVE it! I just couldn't stop staring at it. I called DH to tell him I was going to have an accident because I wasn't looking at the road.
  7. ^^lol!
  8. black Day
  9. Ink city for sure!!
  10. ink day
  11. ink city! I just absolutely love mine! Use it everywhere and it goes with everything.
  12. Ink! I just got mine and still can't get over how much I love her!
  13. I have bags in both colors and like you I do wear a lot of the colors you mentioned. If you can find an Ink I would probably get that because black is always available and when you wear black the black bag does not show up as well as the Ink would. But for bag style my preference is the city then the day. But if you like over the shoulder bags, the day is more comfortable on the shoulder than the city. :smile:
  14. I think I've settled with ink, just not sure about the shape yet, so thanks so far girls!
  15. Ink rocks:rochard: You won't regret it...such an amazing color:love: