Black or Grey Easy?

Black or Grey Easy?

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Apr 24, 2007
Hi Ladies,

After drooling over all the lovely pictures and discussions of the EASY on tpf, I've decided to join the club!! But I can't seem to choose between these two colors. I definitely want in textured leather. I haven't seen the grey one in real life, so that's part of the problem, I guess. The black one looks so rich and scrumptious, and I wonder if the grey would be as well? Here are the pics from Please help me decide!


Jan 18, 2008
I love both. For me, since I love wearing grey clothes, silvery, light gray and dark anthracite, I love contrasting colour on that background, so I use red or in this case of easy - black. It is indeed rich.

I am sensitive to grey very much, it is hard to find gray that is not taupe-ish. I have YSL anthracite besace and it started looking greener and greener

so far the only gray I LOVE for the bag is Mulberry suede in gray called "sludge"

so in this case I vote for black


Jun 17, 2008
If you´re not sure.. black is the classic ever!. But if you have already some black bags in your wardrobe then go for the grey. Personally, the grey would be my choice:love:, you can ever get the black!.:graucho:


Oct 18, 2007
Between black and grey, I votedc black. It's really versatile and in the Easy, it is jst lovely. I think the grey is more limiting, It'd be harder to work in with colors like blue and green and red and orange.

But for true versatility consider a color like beige. I have two Easys--black crest and beige crest. The black was purchased first and it's so nice. But the beige is so incredibly versatile. It was my best purchase of all of 2011.


The Gimme-Queen
Nov 29, 2010
DCA via the DMV via NGA
Hi there! Saw the pic of the black and it was okay.

Saw the pic of the grey and my heart sang. I think the color is very sexy. I fell in love with all shades of grey last year and have quite a few grey pieces in my closet. Love it.

Of course, black is the quintessential 'neutral' - it goes with everything. However, as someone who has not purchased a black bag in over 3 years, I tend to prefer other neutrals that work with my wardrobe.

But, my question for you is, will the grey work with what you already own? If it won't, then go for the black. Whatever you buy should be something you will use regularly and love every time you see it. If black will do that for you, then go with it. =)

Best of luck with your decision and do let us know what you finally purchase!