Black or Fawn Zoe?

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Which one should I keep?

  1. Black XL Zoe

  2. Fawn XL Zoe

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I had gotten a XL Zoe in black a few weeks ago. I went to the outlets this afternoon and they had Patent Fawn in Xl. I like the classic look of Black Zoe. The Fawn has the extra pocket on the front and I do not have any patent leather bags yet. I can only keep one. Which one would you keep. TIA!
  2. Do you have pics?
  3. Sorry about the quality but her is both bags and me modeling them.

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  4. Fawn Zoe.

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  5. The fawn because of the outer pocket
  6. hmmm, I like how the patent stands out more and the extra pocket is a plus!!
  7. I voted black, but it is because I am not a huge fan of patent leather.
  8. I think I prefer the black actually. It's more of a classic look :yes:
  9. I voted for the black, but I didn't scroll down until after I voted, now I change my decision, FAWN! That is one pretty pretty bag!!
  10. I vote for the black--gorgeous bag and the color is great on you :smile:
  11. i'm not a fan of the Fawn so i vote for Black!! :biggrin:
  12. I love them both! Here is other pictures for comparision.

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  13. I voted black - I was not sure you meant fawn patent - patent fawn is an easy way to have a light color and not get it dirty - and the extra outside pocket is cool looking -
    I have the fawn patent and love it - very classy.
    Everyone seems to have a black bag - fawn is something different.
  14. I think the black looks slightly better on you, but I like the detailing on the fawn more... so really, I am no help whatsoever. :P
  15. Patent Fawn in Xl love the color and the extra pocket is awesome...