Black or Dark Gray Large Single

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  1. I decided to keep my Dark Gray Large Single after all but am wondering if I should exchange for black as I don't have a black bag and this is very nice in black. Somehow I always gravitate towards other colors instead.
    For those of you that own the Dark Gray color do you feel that it is just as neutral and wearable as the black? I wear blue, purple, and pink tones with either jeans or gray or black slacks.
  2. While I think almost everyone should have a black bag, there are plenty of other nice black bags, but it's hard to find a nice shade of gray IMO. It's still a neutral colour and it sounds like it would fit into your wardrobe, but at the same time it's also a little unexpected. I would definitely keep the gray and get a black bag somewhere down the line.
  3. ^ i agree! dark grey is such an amazing neutral, and he realy nailed the color as a true dark grey. i would keep it too and find some other bag (either a single or another style altogether) to get in classic black
  4. i agree. keep the dark grey. it such a nice shade of grey and that can be difficult to find down the line. black is ALWAYS available.
  5. i love black, but i love grey even more. stick with the grey. if you wear a lot of black like i do, grey bags stand out a lot more than black ones. plus, like faith said, there are so many great black bag choices out there, you'll find something without even really having to look.
  6. I have a dark grey rio and it is a great neutral. I also have a black Vera. I vote to keep the dark grey.
  7. Thanks everyone. You helped confirm what I believe I already knew. There is a reason I don't have a black bag yet. Def keeping the dark gray. It truly is a great color. Thinking I am liking the new rose color as well.
  8. I am way late but I definitely say keep the gray! It is a beautiful color.
  9. yay, i'm just glad you kept both!
  10. I'm glad you kept both. Yes I would keep the gray. You can always get the black later on. :biggrin: