Black or Cream? Which Ferragamo bag should I get?


Should I buy a black or cream Ferragamo Marisa?

  1. Black

  2. Magnolia (cream)

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  1. Hi ladies! I want to buy a Ferragamo Marisa but I don't know which color to get! Black would go with everything but the cream is so yummy (not to mention it "pops"). Also, should I get it with the chain handles or...? Any and all help would be much appreciated!:flowers:
  2. definitely cream! love the color
  3. Cream, its gorgeous :love:
  4. CREAM!!!!
    I've been off black bags for awhile now.
    Cream though, it's such a decadent color. And in that bag, it's totally RICH.
  5. I actually prefer the Marissa in black. It's a classic in black with the regular handles. If you're looking for a more "edgy" version then the cream with the chain handles is a nice idea. I actually bought a black one with silver hardware not too long ago. It's a fabulous bag! Let us know what you decide.
  6. the one in the photo is wonderful and very versatile!:queen:
    you can wear it as you wear the black one, since it's cream and black and the chain handles are adorable!
    go for it!!!:biggrin:
  7. Definitely go for the cream color!
  8. They're both amazing, and the Marisa is one of my HG... enjoy it!
  9. Okay, so cream seems to be the popular choice...should I go sans chain handles?

    So now what, the regular Marisa or the chain linked Ferragamo?
  10. Magnolia! and yes Chain handles.
  11. OMG that cream one is TDF!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    go go go for it!!
    Its pic is one of those i didnt have to view more than once to say my verdict!! :love:
    Its reEeeEeeeEeally gorgeos!! :tender:
  12. It would help if u post a pic of how the regular handles would look like? :rolleyes: although i see the chains one is absouloutely lovely!! yet i cant compare without a pic :upsidedown:
    <<rrrr lordguinny!! u make wanna go back to Ferragamo and see this one!! :nuts: although i just bought a little one from them a few days ago :P
  13. Okay, so here are comparison photos. The first two are the Ferragamos with the chain. This is called " Salvatore Ferragamo
    Ganci Leather Shoulder Bag". I couldn't find the regular Marisa without the chain so I posted the larger version but you can get a sense of the colour by looking at the larger version.

    Now I think I want the purple one!!! Both are on style-drop. the purple is on sale for 910 and the other one for 1140.
    ferragamo rouge.jpg rouge2.jpg chain.jpg creamferra.jpg withoutchain.jpg
  14. Everyone should have at least one fabulously rich cream bag. I say go for that one.
  15. I did it! I purchased the LAST one on!!! :yahoo: I used their LASTCALL shipping promotion too, so I got free shipping. It was the most I have ever spent on a non-LV or Chloe bag (it came to $1200) but I think it'll be worth it!!!

    I can't wait for it to come! I'll post pics when it arrives. Thank you ladies for helping me out! :wlae: