black or cornflower (bluet) city ??

  1. hi guys bal NY has a city ink i just received an email now and aloharag has the blue cornflower which one should i get for a first bag? i havent seen cornflower IRL
  2. hi guys sorry wrong message heading that INK not black or cornflower city -- SORRY :smile:
  3. The cornflower is beautiful IMO, as is the ink. I would choose the ink only because I love darker colors for b-bags.. but the cornflower looks so gorgeous in pics! The only thing is, I can never get a clear idea of what it really looks like because sometimes it looks so bright and other times, it looks darker.
  4. Oh this is hard! I know everyone here loves the ink, but Ive never seen it IRL so my vote goes to cornflower. I love bright colors for my bags!
  5. I love both.
    Both are extremely versatile.
    I say, if you want a color, get the cornflower.

    Also- the reason I didn't get the ink was because i already have my perfect black bag, and while the ink is MUCH better than a simple black, they simply weren't different enough.
    That being said, the Cornflower is the most gorgeous blue.
  6. I say get the cornflower. I have a cornflower City and it is gorgeous. It's the perfect shade of blue. It can be used in all four seasons. The ink is more of a winter bag IMO.
  7. Ooohhhh this topic is very close to my heart! To pick between Cornflower vs Ink was really killing me as I was getting my first b-bag. I LOVE them both! And even though I've picked the ink, I still love cornflower (and had I picked cornflower, I'd be dreaming about ink right now) :sad:

    Sorry I can't really help you, but I ended up with the ink thinking my first b-bag is going to be with me for a loooongggg time, so it has to be a color that I wouldn't look at in a few years and thought to myself "what the heck was I thinking?" and had to be some color that would match everything. Since ink is dark, it's very very very versatile, and the purple/blue/black undertones are soooooo pretty. I even ended up buying a mini purse/coin purse in ink to match my city because I love it so much!
  8. That one is a super easy one for me. Ink would be my very first choice! Its way too neat of a color/colors! Let us know what you decide :smile: Come on and join the PF ink club!! LOL!!
  9. Cornflower Blue rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be madly in love with the incredible richness of the hue.
  10. I saw cornflower yesterday at Barney's. The way I can best describe the color is that it looks like a vivid blue ceylon sapphire.
  11. I think for the first bag, you want to have the color as versatile as possible.. I think you should get ink.. it's more versatile.. cornflower looks great with jeans...IMO... good luck in deciding & let us know your decision..
  12. I had orginally reserved a cornflower at Barneys but when I got there, and saw the ink, I fell in love. The cornflower is a beautiful color but I think the ink is so much more versatile, it goes with everything.
  13. i'm going to have to say, Cornflower! i've got a cornflower twiggy and i totally love it!!!! :smile: the colour is just so yum!
  14. This is where I say, it's all relative!

    I have a cornflower and I don't really think it looks great with blue jeans. With black and grey jeans? Sure.
    I also think they are both equally as versatile.
    Ink, because it's such a deep gorgeous purple in bright light, but a "black" to most eyes in passing.
    Cornflower because it pairs AMAZINGLY with all neutral colors. Cornflower and Browns :love: To DIE for!

    Also like other people have said, Cornflower is a fun S/S color and works well as a F/W color too!!
  15. So have we all completely confused you by now? LOL!