Black or cherry sabrina?

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  1. I have the sm/med sabrina in black and I still have the tags on it. As much as I love it I can't help drooling over the cherry sabrina. I don't want two of them. However, I don't have a black bag and I don't usually wear neutral colors (I like brights and color). So I guess black could go with more but I also don't care about my bags matching too much to my clothes. Should I keep the black or exchange for the cherry? I don't have any "fun" bags.
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    I always buy everything in black & i think the black will last you longer! You can't wear the cherry with everything & you may get sick of the colour. But black is always classic. Maybe you should keep the black & get something else in cherry like the madison wristlet or wallet? Then you still get your cherry fix! I really want the black sabrina (i'm not sure if i want the gold or silver hardware) because myy boyfriend broke the zipper on my Burberry and now he owes me one!
  3. Although I agree with everything HOTasFCUK said, I'd like to make a slight modification. Get the cherry sabrina and later on buy a different black bag! lol :PThe sabrina is awesome in cherry.:heart:
  4. i have the black sabrina and love it more every day that i carry it. i vote for black! for some reason, this bag in black really stands out more than my other black coach bags. jmho! good luck with your decision!
  5. I generally do not like black bags that much (very boring to me). The black patent resort and the older Legacy line are exceptions, though...probably because the hardware really pops.

    I think it depends on what you need for your collection. I usually buy the more limited colors now because I have a wide variety of neutrals already in my collection. I also LOVE color, so even if I can make my bag go with one outfit, I'm "ok" with long as I love the bag. So I would say if you are not concerned about your wardrobe, and you would carry the bag for sure, then I wouldn't hesistate to go for the pop of color with a "fun" bag! The cherry is very nice! Good luck on your decision!!
  6. I say go for the cherry Sabrina. I think it's a great color. You probably will find that it will go with a lot of the brights you already own. I think the cherry would look nice with yellow, some purples, and even orange. I just saw that purse in Cherry only over an hour ago. I think it's hotter than the black. You will definetely bring attention to that purse in Cherry.
  7. I say go w/ the Cherry. Red is a really classic color for a bag as well, and you can wear it for years to come. Red isn't really a "trendy" color for a bag, it's always hot and adds a bit of sexiness to an outfit. Good luck w/ your decision!
  8. I have the cherry and I love it-it makes everyday outfits a little more funky but also looks really classy with a more dressy outfit.
    Black bags are everywhere and I myself have at least ten-for something this special, why not have fun with it and get a cool color?
  9. I have the black and pink sabrina..i loved them so much i got two...i liked the cherry but the black is classic and i think it will last you longer. The one thing with lighter bags is the dirt will show sooner so black is both gorgeous and safe!!
  10. I was caught between the black and the cherry too. I love the cherry color, but I needed a black bag and this was going to be it for a while, so I went with black. It looks really classy and adorable (to me anyways), and I can always add a pop of color with a scarf or something.
  11. Cherry! I have it and I love it. It's not a bright overpowering red, it's so pretty.
  12. I have a Cherry Sabrina and it's the love of my life! Sort of...:smile:

    It doesn't go with everything but I've made it work with a great part of my wardrobe. You just have to be a little creative - I did grey-purple with my Sabrina one time.

    Make this your special, "fun" bag!
  13. Cherry. Then again I'm not much of a Black bag person, either. I prefer a punch of color.
  14. Cherry gets my vote. Not only is it gorgeous, but it sounds like from your post that you want it more than black. Take the plunge!
  15. Thanks for all your advice! I ended up going with the cherry, for some reason I was just attracted to the cherry color in the sabrina style. I will always be able to find a class black bag later but not always a cherry sabrina.

    I had bought the black one for the Macy's friends and family sale and the SA at the Macys close to me wouldn't exchange it for me (even though it was the same bag). I knew it wasn't right and she didnt' knwo what she was doing. I ended up calling ahead to a different Macy's and they had no problems exchanging the bag for me (the SA was awesome!). At the time I had opened up an account so I got my Sabrina for about $240 which is an awesome deal and I didn't want to lose that discount. Anyways I am so happy with my beautiful cherry sabrina, I know some people on thisboard didn't like the color b/c it wasn't a true red but I love the pink/red color to it. Thanks so much! I am now officially on ban, I have bought 4 coach bags since September and I am happy with what I have:smile: