black or canard

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  1. Hi Ladies-

    I have been considering a Canard city for a couple of months now, and have been anxiously awaiting it's release in the bal boutiques. However, I also own an Anthra city. I have wanted Canard for a rich, dark, RH bag.
    My question is do you think Canard is too similar to Anthra ? Would I be better off going with a dark, black city? Or.. is black too similar to Anthra as well? :shame::cursing:
    (My Anthra has blue undertones )

    Thanks in advance girls !!!:P
  2. I think there is still too much debate on canard. Wear your anthra to the boutique and compare there :smile:
  3. Great advice from hannahsophia there! :smile:

    I think anthra and black are different enough that you would use both, but I am not quite sure on the colour of canard yet.
  4. Hi there! I have seen the three of them ( Anthra black & canard ) compared them and separate perhaps you think they look alike, but no! they are completely different! Cannard is a dark blue different from 2008 Officier !
  5. So curious, how would you describe the difference? Can't wait to see Canard!
  6. I think Canard would be a cool bag!
  7. You've seen Canard? :nuts: Do dish!!!
  8. I saw a picture of Canard and not knowing if it's the lighting, I see a lot of green in it. Not anything like Officier or Ink.
  9. I'll pick's really uberbeautiful...very vintage-y, deep blue with a hint of teal...i only saw it in gsh city not the rh.
  10. I was lucky enough to see a Canard SGH city in person and it looks nothing like anthracite. I say go for canard. I have my heart set on canard GGH which I hope they will have.
  11. I'd vote Canard :blush:
  12. #12 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    I think Canard will be lovely... so many people have seen it in the flesh and describe it as something quite unlike the previous blues.

    Delmilano - in her thread, has seen and described it.

    I have only seen pictures of it (there is one floating about somewhere - a Canard Velo) and it looks lovely. I don't see nay green undertones, but it must be one of those colours where seeing it in real life brings out the the slight petrol green undertones.

    If Canard comes in the wrinkliest, most veined leather, I suspect I won't be able to refuse it all.

    Alternatively, wait for the next dark blue - I'm sure there is another one for next season, as dark blue is so big this year.

    I think the next blue to come out after Canard will be a true dark blue... the green hints in Canard are probably a nod to the military and safari influences we are seeing in some clothes this season.
  13. :ty:Thanks for all the responses !!! I have decided to pass on Canard this time around.. Someone posted a comparison picture to Officer, and it made me realize how much prettier officer is. My Anthracite has a LOT of blue undertones in it, and even looks navy in pictures, so I am going to hold out for a very deep navy blue !!! :shame:

    However, I may indulge myself in a black city !! Does anyone know what the 2010 blacks are looking like? :nuts:
  14. I have only seen one black from 2010 (a Velo), and it was very black with smooth leather -not much distressing. I haven't seen a City. I think the 09 black bags have been pretty good, though, and are probably still available. I just got an 09 S/S black City from Saks in Boca Raton that has very nice leather. It is pretty black, silky and is mildly distressed.
  15. cbarrus- Is that your black city in your avatar? Do you know if they had more black cities? Saks in Boca is very convenient for me :thinking: