Black or Bubble Gum City

  1. Hello ladies,

    I've seen pics of 08 BG and they look stunning! I am now confused if I should get a BG City or a Black City. Not sure if BG is as versatile as Black, but I really love the "pink look", but then again Black goes with everything...

    Please let me know your thoughts..:girlsigh:
  2. I have 4 bbags and since I got my black city I have used it probably 5-6 days out of the week. It's just so easy b/c you don't have to worry about dirt and it goes with everything. So my vote goes for a black city :yes:
  3. If you MUST choose one between the two, then my vote's for the black city. It's definitely more versatile. I've always had more black bags than any other colors. They're easier to take care of and although sometimes maybe mistaken as boring, it's actually a very classic, simple yet stylish:smile:
  4. I'ld vote for the pink!

    You can get a black city anytime, but the pinks are rare!
  5. It depends on how often you want to use the bag. You'll certainly use the black more.
  6. My vote is for black. Like verty said, you don't have to worry about getting it dirty, so it's a great everyday bag. And it really is a classic. But I'm biased, because I'm really not into the BG pink. Jade had a point though- that you can get black anytime. Is this going to be your only bbag? (did I just ask that question??) If so, then def go w/the black.

  7. I completely agree with JL! The hot colors of the season tend to sell out quickly and then there gone, but you could always get the black next season (or even next year) if you can't get both now! Go with the BG if you really :heart: it!!
  8. I'd buy the bg now while it's still available. Then look for a gently broken in, slouchy, black 05 city. You can't have just one:graucho:
  9. Good answer! :tup:
  10. thanks gals =)
  11. I just saw this thread and I have to say to get the BG Pink City...You can get black anytime!!!
  12. My vote is for BG. You can always get a black city but if you don't get BG now you may have a hard time finding it later :yes:
  13. If the pink is making you have heart palpitations, then of course pink!
    However, if I only had one bag it would be a bbag and it would be a Black City!
  14. oh, i should add that i completely agree w/chris.. i always thought black bbags were 'boring', and was amazed how gorgeous they were when i saw one IRL. amazingly it's also the bbag i get the most compliments on!, which i thought was kinda weird cause i always thought my colored ones were more special lol.
  15. I would get a black city!