Black or Brown?

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  1. I LOVE Coach. I mean LOVE IT. I was just introduced this year and can't get enough. For me, though, I can't bring myself to buy a brown bag. I have brown outfits that could really use a matching brown bag, but that has never been me. Always just Black or White.

    How about you? Are you devoted to one or another, or is it not even a second thought to be owning both colors?
  2. i am totally with you on everything! i FINALLY bought a brown bag (not Coach) last year and ended up returning it because i felt like i would never use it.

    which is so weird because i actually love brown. in fact, i just JUST bought some brown shoes.

    i'm working on getting myself to buy a brown bag.
  3. Yeah, and I only have 2 pairs of brown shoes. Literally, that is it! Everything else is black or white. Strangest thing, ever, when I think about it!
  4. This is a classic struggle! I have to force myself to buy colors other than black. I keep telling myself, you have enough black bags!!! Get the brown one for God's sake!! My solution is often to get the same thing in black and brown. This makes no sense, I know. I bought two pairs of boots several years ago, one pair black and the other brown. Same boots. The black ones are very scuffed and worn-looking and the browns ones could be passed off as brand-new. I feel guilty every time I look at them.
  5. I wear a ton of black so i always feel like brown wont go with it, i have 2 brown bags that i think go wonderfully with my black outfits
    but i do tend to stick with colors, or with black not usually brown
    unless i FALL IN LOVE with the brown color
  6. hehee that sounds like my struggle with shoes...but the opposite

    i have EVERY SINGLE color of heels and sneakers POSSIBLE i mean different shades of purple, neon greens/pinks etc etc ...but until recently i did not have ONE white sneaker!!! i have to FORCE myself to buy black, white and brown shoes!!!! hehehe
  7. I have bags in just about every single colour you could imagine with only a couple of black bags. I really need to break down and get another, but I usually fall in love with the brown (tan, whiskey, tan, taupe, etc.) or coloured version of a bag instead. If i'm wearing all black i like to throw on bright heels and a bag to contrast, but a girl really does need a beautiful black bag, so in the very near future i will be buying one. In the same respect, every girl needs, NEEDS a brown bag! There are certain outfits that simply will not do without one! I urge those of you who embrace the black to find your inner brown girl, and conversely, those of you who relish browns and colours, find yourself a chic timeless black bag. I think we'll all be much happier once we realize our full handbag potential. :party:
  8. I have both colors of bags. And I love them both. I was so glad when brown made a big comeback in fashion ~3 years ago! I do have a tendency to have more black bags because a lot of times the style that I love doesn't come in brown. (I prefer the chocolate brown, not tan, camel, taupe, etc.) But I am dying to get the Ali in brown so that I can utilize the brown half of my wardrobe!
  9. It took awhile but I got out of the black funk. It's hard! Brown is a good first step tho. ;)
  10. Just bought my first non black/white/blue bag off eBay :biggrin: It was khaki which goes with more stuff than brown, but I say go for it!
  11. You know how I feel about this, J! I was just thinking about the handbags I carried prior to being bitten by the designer bug and they were almost exclusively black. Since then, I've branched out into colors(you know how much you love my pink satchel!:p ) and I've even bought a few bags with brown in them. I cannot seem to carry a monochromatic brown bag, though.
  12. I have 4 or 5 black bags, so every other bag I've bought tends to be another color other than black to give my collection variety.
  13. That is me exactly! I've been struggling to find a nice black bag and even though I wear a fair amount of black, like to carry a bag that is a contrast. My brown wishlist right now has the new Ali brown on it - that's a great, versatile shade.
  14. I used to buy only black bags, but since the end of last year I've totally branched out and gotten brown, white, and blue (pond) bags. Love them all!! :heart: :heart: I'd say brown is the new black. ;) It's just as versatile and goes with just about anything.
  15. I have kind of half and half. I tend to steer away from black because it used to be the only color I'd wear. Now I tend to go more towards the browns, but in the end, PINK almost always wins!! I really believe that a nice handbag doesn't necesarily have to be matchy matchy with the outfit. It stands out on its own.