Black OR Brown? That is the question....

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  1. Provided that I actually will be able to buy my first Chanel tomorrow (yay), I am not sure if I should buy a Black or Brown bag. I am concerned mostly about its practicality as they say that "black goes with anything". Is that really true?

    Also, I am not sure about the DS flap and pairing with work clothes. Is it a style that goes with most work clothes? It seems so casual. Too casual? :s
  2. If it is the first Chanel, I would go with black. It is a classic color for Chanel.

    Congrats on your first Chanel and hope many more to come. :smile:
  3. Thank You..
  4. I love black and I love brown too, but black really does go with more. For your first bag, make it a black one.

    What kind are you thinking of getting? And which leather?
  5. Black. I love black bags.
  6. Black is a good first choice - Brown is great if you wear a lot of brown leather but Black is an instant classic.
  7. i agree that black is a good first choice.
  8. my first chanel is black. So i'll say go with black
  9. Black is always the best choice as compared to brown. Don't think i can match that well with brown coz black is versatile and practical~
  10. definitely go with black. it's classic and you can wear it with so much more
  11. Black, my first 2 Chanels are black, my only 2 Chanels, lol!
    Show us what you got.
  12. I find black to be rather boring, much as I try to love it. It sounds crazy, but I don't get excited about carrying a black handbag. Brown, on the other hand, is so rich and if it's a dark brown, complements practically any color from pastels to neutrals, even black. I wouldn't wear a brown bag with an all black outfit but will if there is black in my shirt for example.

    It's all about what will make you happy and you can't go wrong with a black Chanel classic!
  13. I totally agree with Roey. Brown can be just as versatile as black, but you just need to pick a good shade of brown (I find the darker browns work better). Of course with black there is not much thinking involved.
    A lot also depends on what you wear to work. If you are in a suit everyday then I would choose black. Otherwise, I suggest you go with the color you love more.
  14. Black is my first choice, also. I like brown also.
  15. Another one for black.

    I would get black first, then branch out to other colours.