black or brown miu miu coffer?

  1. i need help! i can't decide.

    i've seen in the brown IRL but not the black, but i think black is more versatile?? no?? but then the brown has a softer appeal to it...i dont know.

    what do you guys think? netaporter has it in both colors.
  2. I saw the black yesterday and it is lovely but I decided against it because it felt like a bag I would only carry in the winter. Some black bags look great in the summer but this one is pretty big and, somehow, looks very intensely black - if that makes sense.
  3. My vote is the black
  4. I vote the black, it's gorgeus
  5. Yikes, I'm with SaraJane on this one! I debated the SAME thing when I bought mine (brown). It was well over an hour in the store choosing between black and brown AFTER looking it both for hours on NAP.

    The brown seemed such a gorgeous, deep, chocolatey brown to me -- reminded me of a mutant Milky Way bar! But the black is beautiful, too. Either choice will be beautiful.

    OK, I'm not helping... I give up! :smile:
  6. I had the same issue deciding and I finally got the black and I'm using it for both work in the office and go shopping on the weekends!! :yes:
  7. I saw the black again IRL, and the soft leather is stunning beside the gold hardware! However, I've also quite liked the brown as well. Depends when/what you'll be using this bag for. But you can never have too many black bags! :graucho:
  8. Hmm, I vote for black!
  9. I'm going to go against the majority here and vote for brown. I love the black too but IMO the coffer looks better in brown.
  10. Black
  11. I like the brown one too!
  12. I vote black too IMO it just goes with more. The brown is gorgeous though!:smile:
  13. Well, we're no help are we! Brown or black, they are both gorgeous. Hope you can decide and love your new bag whatever its colour!
    I'm the same with the e/w satchel - know I need a black bag as my Mulberry Helier is donkeys years old, but the camel satchel is just calling my name!