Black or Brown Jumbo flap?

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  1. I want to get one in caviar. I want everyone's opinions please on which color. I already have 3 black chanel bags (one in caviar) so I was thinking about brown but I have several Louis Vuitton monogram and damier bags which I consider "brown." So, which one looks nicer the brown or black caviar flap?
  2. Wow, both colors would be stunning, but since you already have 3 black bags, I would go for the Brown.

    Most of my bags are black, and I also have been contemplating whether my next bag should be brown.
  3. brown~
  4. brown without a doubt. please let us know what you decide on and post pictures.
  5. Since you already have "Black CHANEL bags", I'd choose Brown Chanel. LV monogram/damier have completelly different vibe, compare to Chanel Jumbo flap IMHO.
  6. Brown--you've got enough black Chanel. :P
  7. same here, I would go for brown since u have quite a collection of black already.
  8. brown brown brown!! the brown caviar is gorgeous
  9. I am in love with the brown caviar jumbo flap. If I didn't have the black jumbo, I would have grabbed it immediately. Now, I have to torture myself over whether to get it....
  10. I agree! LV mono looks totally different from Chanel's brown - go for the brown!!!
  11. i think the brown too. The brown is such a rich looking chocolate brown.
  12. i would say go for the brown...i looove my brown caviar bag
  13. Since you have black, I'd say go for the brown Jumbo. Its GORGEOUS!
  14. Definitely brown :heart:.
  15. is the Dark Brown colour caviar Jumbo classic flap going to be limited or permanent collection ?
Thread Status:
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