Black or Brown Gaucho Double

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  1. Have decided to get one from the outlet. Could not decide which color to choose from a Black or Brown? What do you guys prefer?

    Actually I wanted a red one but the picture doesn't reflect a dark red color. So have put aside but anyone out there has a red gaucho double, please tell how the real red looks like. Maybe i will change it to a red color. I have many black & brown bags.


  2. this is a picture that shows well how the red looks in natural light:smile:

  3. Red is stunning and very neutral.

  4. Have shown the red color to my daughter and also managed to pull out a pic of L.L wearing it. L.L is very beatiful with the red guacho and my daughter agreed too. But she said L.L has a very fair skin and I have tan skin, so it would be much better for me to have it in black or brown. So I have decided to chose the brown over the black.

    Thank you guys for showing me the real red. Appreciated. I really love this purse forum. We have so many nice guys, no I should said many nice ladies out there.

  5. I went for the brown because I have way too many black bags. The olive is also very pretty. You really can't go wrong. It just depends on what you need.
  6. I have the red - love it!! I would think the black though would go with everything
  7. i also prefer the red one :smile: