Black or Black/Tan


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  1. black/tan!
  2. Black on black!!!!
  3. Black :smile:
  4. Deciding on the same thing. I'm planing on getting a matching combination in the boeing style- does anyone know of black/black or black/ran is easier to find in Boeing? That's pretty much going to make the decision for me :smile:. Also- does the tan patina? Thanks!
  5. Black and Tan
  6. I prefer the black/tan colour, I think it looks smarter than plain black. A few times when I've been in contact with Goyard in London, they have been running low on, or are out of the red and black/tan colours in certain items. I wouldn't be bothered about having to settle for a plain black piece though, I just prefer the tan trim.
  7. I thought that I wanted black/tan until I saw them in person. Fell in love with the black on black - bought the croisere 35 and the SL PM. They look so sophisticated together!
  8. Sounds classy! Pictures please!!! Are they floating around somewhere on TPF? :graucho:
  9. The St. Louis is around here somewhere and I had a problem with my croisiere strap and it's around here somewhere....I'm not very good with taking photos! Maybe I'll find some time over the weekend. :biggrin: