Black or Black/Tan


Colour Choice

  1. Black

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  2. *


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  1. Ok I'm looking to buy a St. Louis in the near future:graucho:

    I just need colour help, Black, or Black/Tan
  2. Black & Gold!
  3. I am trying to decide as well, will be ordering from the London store . They both look nice. Bit I might get a PM, black with tan trim
  4. Tan on Black
  5. Black/Tan, gives the bag a bit more character imo!
  6. i'm having a hard time deciding between the two colors, too. However, I'm leaning more towards the black/tan as I think it'll go more w/ everything.
  7. I just purchased a GM in the Black/Tan and I think it was such a great choice. It's a beautiful combination that goes with everything! Good luck!
  8. I voted 4 black
    Though I own a burgendy GM
    I think the black and tan combination goes very well with the other models

    Good luck!
  9. Black/Tan gets my vote :tup:
  10. black and tan hands down!! i love that color, it is so rich!! i have pics i recently uploaded under the goyard for men's topic and also a thread i started...
  11. Is black/tan and black/gold the same thing?
  12. Yup. ;)
  13. I think that the black and British tan is much more handsome than the plain black.
  14. I like the all black.. In my opinion, having the tan trim makes it look a bit more LV to me.
  15. I went with black. I think it would also depend if you decide to have it customized and what colours you wish to combine ....