Black or Beige?

  1. Ok, I know this is probably a much asked question but I've finally decided to take the plunge and invest in my first Chanel bag before the price increase (though I'm not sure if they will affect Singapore).
    But I really can't decide between a black with gold hardware or beige with gold hardware. They both look so good!!!
    I'm more inclined to to the beige because I'm rarely in black and have owned very few black bags. But I'm worried about having to maintain the beige because it might stain (does it?) And I'm worried the black might look too matured on me. But black is such a classic piece to own. :girlsigh:
    Its giving me a headache because I don't want to spend so much money only to regret because I picked the wrong colour! :sad:

    Would really love to hear what you girls have to say.....
  2. Beige w/ gold hardware gets my vote.
  3. All I can tell you is that for my first Chanel I arrived at the boutique convinced I was getting a black flap, but when I saw the beige flap with g/h I really fell in love with it!
    That in itself was pretty unusual for me since I don't think I've ever owned a beige bag
    nor do I even like the color beige! (although the beige Chanel is in my eyes a neutral light camel color) I wear a lot of black but a black bag on a black outfit kind of gets lost, whereas the beige bag really popped! I got the beige flap and I absolutely adore it. I do have a black timeless tote but I don't have the same feeling about it like I do with that beige flap.
    So, see which goes or pops more on the clothing you wear most. Hope this helps!
  4. i vote for black, because black goes with everything...
  5. Both are gorgeous. What's in your wardrobe? What color clothing do you wear the most and which color would look better with the clothing you wear? Tell us what's in your closet and we'll go from there.
  6. I vote for the beige. It is really pretty with the gold hw.
  7. beige - i think its gorgeous! and still very practical (color wise)
  8. If it's beige caviar you're considering, you don't have to worry about staining it. Beige lambskin, on the other hand, is a totally different story.

    I love beige with gold hardware!
  9. i just got the East West in Beige Caviar with Gold h/w and i love it. I actually like it more than the Med Classic Flap in black with silver h/w.
  10. i vote for black. :tup:
  11. Beige with gold hardware gets my vote too, I love that combo (and especially since you dont wear black often).
  12. I vote for black.
  13. for your first chanel i think you should get black with gold. i really like that combo. i am waiting for my first chanel - medium classic flap in black caviar with gold h/w - to be delivered this friday! woohoo!
    aimee3 is right, when i wear all black clothes, i carry some beige/cream bag with me, since that color goes well with black. so since you don't wear too many blacks, go with black, goes with everything.
  14. I was intent on having the beige classic flap with g/h as I already have it in black with s/h, but went I went to buy it I wasn't at all sure, it looked a little "old lady" on me (and I'm not exactly a spring chicken!) I ended up buying the exact same black bag I already have but with g/h!
  15. personally i'd get the black because black goes with more of my wardrobe, but if the beige suits your wardrobe better, i'd get the beige! If you get a beige caviar bag, you should have absolutely no problems with it, caviar is fuss free and so easy to maintain!