Black or Beige GST?


Which GST?

  1. Black

  2. Beige

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  1. Be as persuasive as possible (but reasonably please!) and try to convince me to get one or the other. There is also a poll to see which colour you Chanel girls prefer for the GST. I'm 50/50 torn and need help with my decision!

    This is my first Chanel.
  2. Okay Karman this is a hard question/situation because I like how the beige suits you. But my vote goes to the black GST, I personally prefer the GST in black and I think you can wear the black GST with really everything. Since it is your first Chanel bag too, I would choose a black Chanel.
  3. I love my black GST, It's the perfect everyday Chanel bag!
  4. The beige is nice, but I like the black more. It really is the classic Chanel color, and I prefer it on the GST.
  5. Like everyone else, I prefer the black. The beige I would get as a second purchase but black is always the best when you have to pick one (for now). Even though caviar is a very hardy leather, the beige color will still get dirty easier (like at the corners).

    But maybe I'm also biased because I just got myself a black Chanel this morning! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  6. My black GST is THE BEST every day bag.

    Of course now that I have it, I want another color...but if you are choosing between the black and the beige, I suggest getting the black. It is a classic Chanel piece and you won't have to be super careful with it.

    If it's your first Chanel, you want to be able to carry it with you every day and not have to worry about it. I would only suggest the beige as a secondary bag...
  7. definitly black, you can get more use out of it.....and black goes with everything
  8. beige is just not my color! :smile: black is sexy and timeless!
  9. Black hands down. I'd only get Beige as a third choice, after black, and then Dark Bordeaux!
  10. Thanks ladies--some very good points here. I think I'll get more use out of the black, maybe I will return for store credit/exchange the beige either way.
  11. See for me Beige makes for such a classic Chanel, of course I do not own any Beige but it just hasn't worked out for me yet........ If I was a gold hardware person my first choice for one of PST's would have been beige! I say if the Black comes in while you can still get the pre-increase price take it, but I would absolutely keep the Beige if it's that or nothing or higher price.
  12. as i said in the other post that beige is more rare and a beautiful color i would go for the beige.. but i think you might be better off with black since you had your mind set on black so might as well get it right? you'll be happy with either or BUT get the one that you will be more happy with.. you sound like you have doubts in the beige . so go for the black
  13. I just went through this same battle and BEIGE won! I just think it showcases the details of the bag better.
  14. I vote for the black GST. It is a classic bag and a classic and timeless color.
  15. I vote for the black ... the beige is very pretty, but I think black is something that can go with nearly anything. But then again ... I lean more towards the darker colours. I think if the beige felt right to you though, that there wouldn't be any question of getting the black .. so I say, go with what's in your heart.