Black Opaque Tights.....

  1. I love these tights for fall outfits. I just purchased the Patent Mary Jane Flats (black) by Lanvin. Soo cute, but I tried them on with opaque tights... not too sure about them.

    What do you think?

    BTW, They look great with leggings.
  2. PS, Sorry no pic with the tights.
  3. Anyone? Do you think the shoes are too shiny for tights?

    Nicole ritchie wears them bare, but its too cold here on the east coast.

    What do you all think? My BF said it looks funny, (but what does he know) ;)
  4. why not try a nice plum or a deep turquoise color?
  5. agree with above posts--try something to contrast the deep patent. Maybe a brown tight?
  6. I would have no problem wearing them with tights. Especially if it was cold :shrugs:
  7. I think black tights would be great with those flats. Sammydoll's choice is super cute too.
  8. I think all the suggestions are good, I do think they would look fine with black opaque tights though, or even ones with a design on them. Deep plum tights are very in this season too.
  9. I think those would look great with black tights. I love black tights!
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  11. I think they would look great with black tights.