Black op art Sabrina, large, 12943

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  1. I am in desperate search for the large black Op Art Sabrina bag. I keep stalking my local outlet and they don't have any. I called Dillard's this morning to do a system check and when I called the store I was told they didn't have the one I am looking for:cry:. I don't want to pay Ebay prices on this but if anybody's local outlets or dept. stores have this can you direct me so I can do a charge send. Thanks so much.
  2. call around to you local Macy's
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    Last edited: Nov 18, 2009
    2nd this! Macy's has a sale today and Coach is an additional 40% off (most items are already marked down 30% so + another 40%). Call around, you should be able to find a Macy's that has one in stock.

    ETA: Someone found this bag at the Exton, PA Macy's for $167.00 yesterday. You may want to try there first.
  4. I called Macy's and they could not locate one for me but I will try calling this particular location tomorrow,

  5. This is the last day of the sale.... It was only a one day sale but they honored the price on Tuesday..
  6. I found this purse at the Exton Macy's but it was the only one there..due to a customer return. They don't carry coach at this store but accept returns. Sorry...I hope you find your Sabrina!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Does it have to be large? Would you settle for the small?
  8. I had the small leather and it was a tad too small so I returned it. I really hope I find this bag.
  9. Do you need the UPC number from the bag? I just got this bag from Macy's and have it if you need it.
  10. Yes please, perhaps they would be able to locate one for me if I had it. Thanks so much!
  11. I just left my Dillards (Oaks Mall / Gainesville, FL (352)331-1455). They had a large black op art and a large gry op art. Both were marked down to 199.99. They also had a large black leather sabrina (w/silver) for $249.99. Hope this helps. :biggrin:
  12. Hi,
    I was just at my local dillards (glendale, AZ) and they had one large leather sabrina for 249.99. Hope this helps...I almost got it but chose the grey leather instead!! ;)
  13. oh and heres the number to dillards just in case you want to call...623-979-1128
  14. OMG!! Thanks so much ladies, I will call these locations tomorrow and see if I can finally get my Sabrina!