Black on black Paddy

  1. Just got back from five days on summery Paris. Went to the Chloe shop - the SA told me that there will be a black paddy with black hardware for fall 06. Wish I'd known that before I bought my four new purses...
  2. The rumor about this has been going around for awhile now, good to know its confirmed. Hopefully my Nordies will get this and the grey so I can choose between the two.
  3. Wow, that sounds hot!!!!
  4. I can't wait to see these! The black on black sounds stunning! I wonder if there will be black with silver hardware. I definitely want silver hardware next...
  5. If anyone finds a photo of this Paddy, I'd be SO grateful if you posted it!
  6. Black on black sounds interesting, I wonder if that hw is going to chip & scratch alot? I think I would go for black with silver hw, if there will be any - I love the silver hw on my mousse and I must admit I prefer bags with the same colour on zippers & hw. The silver zipper/gold hw always bothers me a bit.
  7. yeah I was told this by my SAs in London....I so want it

    she said the hardware will be matt black not shiney
  8. I love the idea of black with silver HW. I wear platinum jewelry so I love the look of silver..

    having said that I am still getting ready for my first Paddy "adoption" so it will be gold HW for now..

    "one can never have too many handbags...or husbands with money to buy handbags.." anon
  9. I almost had a heart attack! I thought you were going to post a picture of it! It sounds divine!
  10. ^^:lol: I wish... guess it'll be a while yet
  11. it will prob be in store around sept I think
  12. We really need a picture of this paddy!
  13. ooooh, something to look forward to!
  14. excellent.. sounds so pretty.. will keep an eye out for it on nap.. thanks for the info Patati.. =)