Black on Black Paddy on Now!

  1. It's called the Paddington Cross Shoulder Bag. I like it. Just can't figure out the width of the shoulder strap. Haven't seen this one before. If anyone finds another pic, please post.

  2. Wow - interesting. Not sure if I really like it. I wonder if the hardware is coated as well and whether it will peel?
  3. hmm. I wonder if the black/black regular paddy is coming out around the same time as that one or if its going to hit stores earlier than 11/06
  4. I'm not feeling it.
  5. That's one weird looking bag! :weird:
  6. I am not digging it either. Here is a pic, courtesy of
    function shimImage(img){img.src = "/store/catalog/images/shim.gif" } [​IMG]
  7. When I saw it all I could think was "manbag"
  8. Totally agree!:yes:
  9. I love the black on black - but that is a funky looking bag. Did you see the prices??? :yucky:

    Jag - I just noticed - congrats on becomming a Mod!:yahoo:
  10. I hear you Ann! Did you go to the Chloe Trunk show at NM on Monday?
  11. Phyllis called me at home so I did not the message until 12:30 pm. I could not make it. I figure I would have just gotten in trouble! LOL!
  12. I went there yesterday to see the pics with Lisa because I could not get there Monday night! It's DANGEROUS! The Paddy Hobo and Paddy Tote look fabulous- and I just love love love Betty!~
  13. I think I'd have to see one IRL. This pic is not doing anything for me. I agree that based upon the picture, it looks very masculine and the leather looks stiff and dull.
  14. Thanks Ann!!! :flowers:
  15. has 2 Black on Black Paddy's but they don't have that huge shoulder strap attached to it. They show those as being available in September. Not sure about the metallic rubbing off. I also may need to see in person. Having mixed feelings.
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