Black on Black Large Reporter on Sale

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  1. NM has a presale going on for Chanel. I called the Michigan Avenue Store and they have a large Black on Black Reporter on Sale.

    Call Michael at (312)642-5900.

    They also have a few other bags on sale but they seem like left over summer bags.
  2. Oh boy! I'm still waiting for a phone call from my SA. She was only just finding out what was going on sale and pricing the bags. She said she'd call me when she was done. I'm sitting on my hands to keep from calling her back.
  3. I am still waiting for my phonecall. The SA's at NM are either busy or out on the floor attending to massive loads of customers.
  4. I can't wait to find out what else is on sale. thanks for the heads up!
  5. I got my call. She said too many things for her to describe over the phone. But she confirmed that the black on black large reporter was on sale from $3,175 to $2,375 (or something very close to that). I'm going to drop by on my way home tonight to see if there's anything with my name on it on sale.
  6. Items on sale.
    To what I could recall......
    Cambon black on black reporter - $2,381
    Large Tote Nylon (Looks like black satin and quilted in the front with a flap) - No price
    Sherling (not sure whether I am spelling this correctly) but it has fur at the edges. Measures about 14"x7" - $1,137
    Stingray in blue and white - No price
    Caviar burgundy flap bag 11"x5" - No price
  7. Is this the final sale amount for those items? I remember someone saying they tend to get cheaper if you wait longer......How much did pink and beige reporter end up being??

  8. I got my beige reporter for $1500(including taxes). So I guess if you did wait longer, that would the perk but again that's IF there's anything left. I hope the black on black will be marked down FURTHER as time goes by. Pre-sale is a sure ticket for the Chanel folks because I think final sales cannot be returned. Not sure about price adjustments.
  9. Thanks for sharing the sales info.
  10. which NM is this?? and OMG I must be out of the loop... a birkin!?!?! CONGRATS!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  11. Birkin is COMING sooonn... REAL SOOn. STILL WAITING.

    NM in Chicago and should be similiar to NM SF.
  12. My NM s/a in Boston called a bit ago to tell me about the black/black Reporter on sale. It is 30% off $3175. So what's that - about $2200 or so? Anyway, I'm passing, so if anyone is interested call Marina at 617-536-3660, x2126.
  13. Made it to my Neimans to check out the Chanel on sale. There were a few small flap bags, one my SA called the charms bag. It was black and white horizontal stripped and had a few charms hanging from the chain. There was also two small flap bags from with Chanel icons (?) (4 leaf clover, Camelia, No5) applicaqued on the outside. They had a bunch of other flap bags, I recommend you all go in and have a look.

    They also had a bunch of white on black cambon ipod holders $181 on sale. My Blade phone fit in it perfectly, but I bought something else I've been wanting for a long time for my phone. I'll get pics up later tonight.:smile:
  14. They had THIS bag on sale (the one I was trying to describe above) in this color and in black.:yes:

  15. I also saw these on sale: