Black on black Classic in 2020SS

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  1. So my Store Manager is completing their buy for March 2020. Apparently there is an offer for black on black with classic CC flap with grazing calf leather?!?! Does anyone know how delicate it is? I was told it is not like patent leather as less plastic feel. Like 2.55 but more shiny. TIA
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  2. I own a black glazed calfskin bag. It was a seasonal flap bag from a few years ago. The leather is lovely and durable. It has a glossy shine like patent but without the fingerprints from patent. The hardware was a dull silver finish. The closure is the traditional cc closure. I think it will be a crowd pleaser! I also own a jumbo reissue with this leather finish and black reissue hardware. Quite spectacular. This reissue is also an older bag. Both these bags were “seasonal”
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  3. thank you. It is nice how durable the leather will be. Fingerprints on patent is so annoying lol. How does the leather feel like? Is is softer than patent leather? TIA
  4. I had a glazed flap bag several years ago... Loved it, but after about 8 uses, noticed some matte spots on the backside... Then the spots grew wider.... It was the glaze wearing off!! Good thing NM had good return policy and they let me return the bag.
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  5. Wow and chanel couldn’t do anything about it? This is discouraging.
  6. I was always wondering about that on the glazed leather, unlike lambskin that could be buffed. If the glazed wears off, could it be buffed? Sounded like no from you experience. Thanks for letting us know. I ordered the 20s Incognito Black, but I think I might back off from it.
  7. Is this the bag you are referring to? I was interested in it until I found out that it’s a button closure and not the regular turn lock.
  8. I don’t think this is same bag. This looks like caviar leather, but my SM said specifically classic cc flap with glazed calf. Also the release date is March 2022. She was submitting the store order and offering if we want to place our name toward one.
  9. It is nicer and softer than patent. I personally have not had any trouble with the “finish” to this leather.
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  10. I believe I own a bag with this exact finish to the caviar. I simply adore it. The collection is called “CC Crave”. From many seasons ago. It is a glossy caviar, not glazed smooth calf. I always hoped for a classic to be done in this finish.
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  11. Sounds as if there was a terrible defect in the manufacturing of the finish. I would have been wild if this happened to me. I wonder what the return policies will be now that all the boutiques are going leased!
  12. just to add on, my SA did mention that this particular leather is shiny aka "glazed".
    likely, it might be referring to the glazed calf you are talking about.
    are you supposed to pay the full amount as pre-order or just " reserving" ?
    if you are in asia, the SAs can only assume based on the pictures and years of experience with the leather. even they do not have a chance to see the real bag.
    somehow, i always feel that the SAs in US are more well-informed with latest collections and prices etc.
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  13. and apparently, this bag costs more than the regular "minis'' .
    and snap button closure?! no way for that extra cost...
  14. Yes, you are right. This is shiny grained calfskin. As much as I love so blacks, I cannot justify the price for the snap button closure.
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  15. Does anyone know the price yet for this one?