Black on Black Cambon Wallet

  1. Would any of you lovely Chanel socialites know where I can purchase one??:flowers: Thank you.
  2. envyme have you checked Tysons? I thought I saw one there.
  3. You are fast girl! I just PMed you. Where: Chanel or Neiman's?
  4. Just call me Speedy cuz I'll get back to you in a heartbeat.

    It was the Chanel Boutique.;)
  5. elong--love your new avator!! I have to post my kids 'cause they are way cuter than me!

    Sorry to hi-jack!
  6. ^^^Aw, I'm sure you're just as cute!
  7. Which wallet are you getting? I'm thinking of getting a black on black Cambon wallet since I just got the tote.
  8. i want a wallet toooooooooooooo but its so much money!
  9. I got my black on black wallet at the chanel boutique at the bellagio in Las Vegas --but that was last june. They may still have some........
  10. I don't even know how much they are?!! Anyway, I think that I have changed my mind... I really don't like the cambon series and I just wanted a wallet incorporated with patent leather to go with my new purse. I'll see what else is out there.
  11. Did you see Swanky's PNY wallet? I'm liking that one too. I can't decide if I want to try to get that or a black on black Cambon wallet.