Black noir speedy--are these waitlisted only or are they available readily?

  1. I have sort of fallen in love! I have never had a speedy before--will it fit over my shoulder?
  2. nope, speedies are hand-held bags. will not fit over the shoulder. but there is no vachetta on these so no worry about leathers changing color! :yes:
  3. From talking to my SA (Leather Goods Manager) this afternoon, these Mirage Speedies aren't readily available for the time being. The initial shipment that she received has already sold out and there are more people on the waitlist. She doesn't know if her store will get another shipment in, but she put more people on the waitlist anyway.You may want to put your name on the waitlist --- you may get lucky and get one!
  4. Good luck getting a piece of the Mirage. I don't think they are available to too many people!
  5. I think you will be able to get one without a wait list spot if you're really lucky. These seem to be pretty popular in most places so you may want to get on a wait list ASAP just in case, if you want one.
  6. I am hoping that they will not be sending out more shipments. LE should be just that. I, for one will be very upset if they make a lot more then intended.

    Btw, The LV in Saks in Boston had a noir Mirage speedy ready to buy when I was there Tues. I also called for a fellow pfer and it was still there Weds.
  7. I called a few LV stores today and found a black Mirage Speedy that was available. They are shipping it to me today. However I was already waitlisted at 2 LV stores and haven't rec'd a call from either. Also I called the LV 866 number last night and the SA told me that ALL Mirage Speedies were waitlisted. Mixed signals!!!???
  8. Got mine today and was told that it's the only one the Oslo LV store has received so far. They still don't know as to when they're going to get the next shipment.
  9. The 866 associates just like to make things seem more exclusive than they really are
  10. I did not know about these bags, and I have never had a speedy before, so perhaps I am out of the loop ? !

    What COLORS were these available in- - > Black? and Burgendy?

  11. ^^^^^^^

    That's SO true, Jen.
    For "kicks" I called the 866# to ask about the Limelight Clutch, and she told me it was not going to be released until the end of the month, and only if I gave her my CC# I picked mine up on the 10th !
  12. LV Customer Service told me the same thing when I called them earlier this week regarding the availability of a bordeaux Speedy. They told me that none were available in the US. I managed to find one on my own after calling two LV stores last night. Thanks goodness that I wasn't discourage by what the Customer Service Rep. told me.
  13. I was told last evening (Friday evening) by 866 that there were 55 in the US.
  14. If anyone is looking for Bourdeaux Speedy: I know Boca Raton store have one (today in the morning).... here is the phone # (561) 394-5717
  15. As far as 866, I called them on Monday asking them about the release day of Mirage Griet/Speedy and they said end of October!!! :confused1: When people on here were already posting theirs... I don't know what to say about 866

    If anyone is looking for a Speedy in Noir ,Maybe Bourdeaux, Dallas Galleria had some earlier today. My SA offered it to me but I didn't want it. Still holding out for the Griet.