Black Nikki arrived....confused!

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  1. My First RM arrived today. A Resort 2007 Black Nikki with old hardware. I am so confused about the feels thick, but not at all soft. Also, I posted a photo of this- one entire section of the bag feels like a different kind of leather! 3 of the sides look "pebbled"-ish, while one side appears to be smooth leather. Even my brother noticed! What do you girls think?

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  2. OMG, angelisa, that's so ... awful. Not matched well at all! Did you get it from someplace you can return it, because I would definitely return it.
  3. It was eBay :sad: I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one seeing this, then I was going to contact the seller and ask for a refund. :crybaby:
  4. Hmm thats looks weird. I think you should contact RM instead of the place you got it from, and make sure its not a defect. If so, ask if they can exchange the bag for you...

    I'm sure some conditioner could probably help with the texture looking so weird, but before you do anything to it, contact RM. You can PM RM Maven also.

    EDIT: I don't know if this should be directed to seller really. I mean if its a defect bag, its not his fault. KWIM?
  5. Wow, that's a shame. You would think that wouldn't have happened during construction. That's unacceptable, I hope that you're able to return it!
  6. desi, if the seller listed this in their description and provided good pics, then I'd agree - not their fault. But if they didn't mention this or provide a photo that clearly showed it, then there is some responsibility on the seller, IMO. I know that buyers should ask for more pics if in doubt, but - in this case, the leather panels are so markedly different... If I was selling, I'd mention it. In fact, I think I did when I sold an HH hobo with one odd panel of leather...
  7. Desi, what should I say to RM? Do I contact them from the website (Catalina?) and say that I got the bag from eBay? If its an eBay bag and not directly from them do they care? I hope RM could send me a new one, even if it had new hardware-- I just want to keep it, but not with this defect! :sad:
  8. It's not a defect. I have the same bag and it has the same leather.AC bags are like this also. It's leather and sometimes it will have differant variations..especially distressed leather.

    The resort leather is a distressed leather.And sorry,RM will not do was bought on eBay...not from a store selling RM bags.

  9. You're telling me that one section of your bag is a different leather, and it is supposed to look that way? :confused1: It is distressed in three of the areas, but not on one...that doesn't scream proper production to me..
  10. I agree that leather is not perfect, as it's not man-made, and I've argued this in other threads (I agree that to expect perfection in all pieces is not possible). HH has the occasional problem with matching leathers. But in this particular case, I think it should have been matched better - it's VERY obvious - especially since they aren't being mass-produced. Human hands put this together, and those hands should have done a better job ... IMO.
  11. That's leather for you..its not going to always be perfect:shrugs:

    My AC bags have the same "problem" if you want to call it that. I don't blink an eye because I've seen it before on many bags.

    Does a pic on eBay show the leather to be even?


  12. Yes,you can see the variation in the pic. If one doesn't think it's a " problem" or a defect,why would he/she put it in the description?

    Like I said to me it's normal...owning many bags with ths type of variation..I don't blink a eye. Look at a AC City side will be side will be pebbled and then there will be a distressed patch! crazy..but true:smile:

  13. Ya i agree. But i was watching that listing as well, and i think the seller posted a pic of it. Thats why i say it wouldn't really be his fault because on ebay, like you said if any doubts, questions should be asked!

    Well, i think you should contact Catalina, or PM RM Maven. Like the ladies said, leather is not perfect, which i agree to, but it should have been matched better, and it is an RM bag. It doesn't matter where you buy it from because they RM produces the bags. I mean its not like the ebayer cut a piece of the leather and glued something else on it KWIM? I have bought two defect bags before. One was from, and the other from ebay. Both of them were replaced my the designer NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    Yes i totally agree. Leather is not man-made. Purses are. PERIOD. RM is a high quality designer IMO, and this variation is NOT ok.

    Angelisa, if you had any doubts, i agree you should have asked questions. Unfortunately, ebay is not the best place for assumptions. And like Maddy said, not everyone would look at this as a defect.Although I strongly do think of it as a defect. I wouldn't hold the seller responsible for this. But the seller you bought it from is really really nice. I bought my dream bag from him, and if he will allow you to return it, i think it would be very generous on his part.
  14. Angelisa I see the variation in the pictures. But, I can see where you would be upset. On the other hand I must say it gives it a fabulous look I think the bag looks beautiful. :heart: